I loved it so much just like I loved Imama’s perpetual counsel to Salar on the topic. Jul 13, Muhammad Jahangeer Thaheem rated it it was amazing. And thier “zaheen tareen ” children ugh However, the most disappointing part of the story was the climax, ‘Turp ka Patta’ Life which is continued with new challenges. I just want to point out the demerits with the merits. It showed how their family grew, how their kids’ lives unwound and the turn their own lives took, it showed the sacrifices both Imama and Salar made, their struggles, the obstacles they overcame and most all how both of them together recognized the hazards of interest based economic system and their struggles to eradicate it from the society.

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I didn’t really find any relevance in that. The cards comprised as follows and the characters’ lives were divided in the sequence followed by the cards Alif: Oct 23, Mahnoor Khan rated it liked it.

She has umsra about 16 bookscomprising of complete novels and compilations of short stories.

آبِ حیات (Aab-e-Hayat)

byy After admitting this dream and asking Salar to make her a dream home, Salar gives her are-you-crazy look and says her demands are impossible to meet, she immediately shuts off and thinks he is making fun of her dreams. Jun 21, Aahmed rated it it was ok. Story and Characters lost their connection with Allah, Umama more so that other.

She has a dream house, where all animals live together and gentle streams of water flow nearby her house.

I would love to know your opinions and please tell me if you find any loopholes in my review. Bringing into light the throttlehold of usury based system on our world today.


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She not only read these but cherish all of her books as well, and while reading places herself as female lead and Jalal as male lead, no wonder she is messed-up in the upper department. Mar 14, Sunny rated it really liked it.

The ideamain umefa of this book is about how a life can be laid down in view of Islam. In second quarter of Novel: Her initial stories were published in monthly urdu digests and later came out in the form of books. I particularly fell in love with each and everyone of their kids and how each character complimented the other so well.

How beautifully they are together.

Download Aab e Hayat by Umera Ahmed PDF Free

But it was compensated very well by the end of the book. Yes, Aab-e-hayat was still a good book and everyone must read it. Indeed a good novel by Umera Ahmed and like as my friend had said, only if it wasn’t related to Peer-e-Kaamil, I would have given it more stars. Being a good Muslim is also being a good human being, it made me feel proud of the characters when the I loved the book: A true depiction of endless and blind faith in Allah. Another grievance I have with Aab-e-Hayat or may be Umera is that why is she so, oh-so-typical at times.

Definite this story is about, Salar’s family: So much charm is lost in the transition, but I want to know why abe hayat by umera ahmed wrote AH. Problem is I’ve read and liked such novel where only plot revolve around the love abe hayat by umera ahmed of two main leads but what’s really off putting in this love story is a its boring and b the character of Umama.


And what I really liked about Aab e hayat was how it portrayed ahsan said’s family that althought they were leading a very pious life but there good deeds made them arrogant. PaperbackAnniversary Editionpages. Won’t recommend this book to anyone as the story doesn’t have any plot just a few characters of previous book around which a long book has been made still wonder what was the point in making a part 2, Well I hope there is no any part 3 coming up plz no or sequel of anyother Umera Ahmed’s masterpieces in the pipeline.

I asked myself, after going through all those hardships, how could she be so greedy, it was just so incomprehensible to me. To be honest i really started to hate them all. View all 22 comments. I don’t thing I’m going to read it again anytime soon What I did expect was another heart-wrenching, eye-opening story with some other social evil being tackled with. I am glad I read this book as it was another book that showed Salar and Imama’s struggles to become a better Muslim and a better human being and to please Allah.

Abdan abada The Eternal Tay: