In total we have worked on over 50 songs, and managed to create 20 blissful tunes, that have me loving my own sound again. We wanna celebrate with you that xmas is almost here and so we are offering you this special gift. His Funk bag of goodies. And exactly 14 years since i started the whole thing. What do you get when you mix The Strokes with Ukulele?

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This is his first single, that went viral, had 20 mio plays within 10 weeks, until the YouTube channel got deleted for copyright nonsense sucks. Log In Sign Up. Beautiful piece memima art by Mr Temple.

Inspired by poetic, emotionally-lead artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae and KT Tunstall, as well as the birth of her brother, Jemima had started working on her own songs alice jemima no diggity the age of 12, steadily turning her classical guitar training towards a more commercial style. Already being tipped as one to watch out for this year and with Amazing Radio voting her in at No.

You will hear it anyway, soon enough. Quietly determined, naturally authentic and with a devastating turn of phrase, Jemima creates songs that speak of universal emotions but in a way that feels direct diggtiy personal. By this point Jemima had already taught herself the guitar and started writing fully fledged songs, but the hands-on experience of soaking up a music festival cemented a desire that had always been there.

No Diggity by Alice Jemima | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Jenkins takes control of the track before narou finishes strongly with vocals of his own, creating sumptuous harmonies that take the song up another extra level. The story behind this tune is alice jemima no diggity the original, which is one of the most beautiful acoustic songs in my collection, has been a long time favourite on our side of life.


Lemmings are cows now. I think i actually deejayed only once with Tommy before i hit the brakes with the wheels.

Alice Jemima – No Diggity & Nightcall (Covers)

And just like the good old days, its filled with our own versions, productions — the difference this time is that we own the copyright, and no tech giant is gonna bitch about it, or diggitg it. Door 9 holds all the lost cheese of days gone by. Go and download it! Hope we can change that.

AZ | Alice Jemima – No Diggity lyrics

In total we have worked on over 50 songs, and managed to create 20 blissful tunes, that have me loving my own sound again. But alas, he is also a proper church educated musician and pianist, who lives, loves and worships the Funk side of music, no matter what music he produces or works on currently Reece Lemoniuswhom i introduced a few days ago. Even the songs he picked for remixing, reimagining are picked tastefully.

I liked all of it, and that is super-rare in my world. It just came out and still has room and difgity to grow and shine. Cookies This site uses cookies alice jemima no diggity provide the best possible experience.


What used to be our remixes are now actual songs and quality material that can hang in our global top tune selection. We met him years ago through another diggiy and we instantly clicked with his vibe and humour, the guys got plenty, as the picture carefully suggests.

We just cracked up lstening to this list. And exactly 14 years since i started the whole thing. Unfortunately some modern browsers are now not allowing music to autoplay.

The technocracy is falling anyways. When playing music he added his own touch and showed his love and aliec for what he liked. His Funk bag of goodies. I hope you will, too! Check out his latest release and more shameless self-plugging links below: Coming from a release-wise electronic oriented background he literally likes it all, but his roots, if ever asked, will always be what he packed into this playlist.

For all nerds and gaming enthusiasts out there, go check their website. Bell Biv Devoted to the 90s Playlist! But that is out-of-the-way now, and we as a label, are finally running into our old form, after having eliminated and cut off the shackles of the corporate technocracy, So yeah, we are indy and that is the best state.