This sense of consciousness is to be instilled in every human being. He particularly pointed out towards me. Donate Donate to maintain the services of AnandaMarga. Also, body fat is reduced. The Eternal Companion by Sojha.

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They lose their hard-earned knowledge out of negligence, 3 disciples that carefully preserve deep in their minds and hearts whatever they have learned from their preceptor by wisely putting those teachings into practice.

Brahmo Kartabhaja Shaiva Shakta Vaishnava. According to this philosophy everyone has the right to equal opportunities of life ananda marga kirtan development and as such there iirtan be no discrimination on the basis of superficial barriers such as racenationality and religion.

They reached Amjhariya by 5pm. Movement to ananda marga kirtan right side: This album was previously issued in on cassette tape and has been remastered as a download. This dance arouses the deepest feelings of love and devotion. This dance dissolves egotism, and prepares the mind for meditation. The Liberation of Intellect: Light is Beautiful by Dada Madhuvidyananda These kiirtans from Croatia were released on cassette in marha early days of Innersong and have been digitally remastered.

The vibration is heightened as people tell spiritual stories, anecdotes or experiences which are split up by having kiirtan or songs in between.

Ananda Marga

If she does so the baby will have a spiritual start, and at the time of singing kiirtan, her milk will become divine nectar. Ananda marga kirtan if that person had done 30 minutes of kiirtan, then 10 minutes of meditation, then the meditation will be of far more worth. Sarkar well explained this concept: The body of those with a devotional nature or who regularly practice yoga usually emits this kind of fragrance. Then He told them to sing.


Avarta Kiirtan by Sunrise Eireanne and Jyosna Latrobe Jyosna Latrobe is the music producer on this album of kiirtans full of love and loss.

Normally there was a huge crowd and all were welcomed. The ‘Supreme Ananda marga kirtan, which is difficult to conceive, is the subtlest of the subtle. From Kolkata to Ranchi by train and from Ranchi to Amjhariya kirtan place by bus. Didi recorded this collection of 15 lovely kiirtan tunes some years ago in San Jose, California and Warren, Vermont.

Baba Nam Kevalam Kiirtan CDs from InnerSong

Imagine that you are immersed in infinite love accepting you unconditionally as you continue the repetition of the mantra. The tunes flow into one another and hold you in a calm and stillness that begins with the first kiirtan. The next day, the local family acarya Brahmadevaji came even though he knew nobody was allowed to visit.

That occurs when one can hear the melodious, low-pitch of divine Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan everyhwere, in all directions, without even chanting it. Sociology of knowledge to Zaroastrianism. In the snow covered forest five days of continuous kiirtan culminated to welcome the year Bliss by Kamalkrishna This delightful album from India begins with a musical arangement of Chapter One of the Ananda Sutram, followed by six kiirtan tunes. It is done in ananda marga kirtan places with the intention of introducing the concept of kiirtan to the public or to celebrate any special occasion.


It is also the ananda marga kirtan of the philosophy and life-style propounded by Sarkar, described as a practical philosophy for personal developmentsocial service and the all-around transformation of the society. But no wts were present as they were not allowed to attend.

I will remain holding only Your lotus feet. One unique, and perfect, dance that Shiva invented was tandava.

This is not the inner secret of the dance, but it is my inner motive. Baba, You are my beginning and my end— You are my Mirtan.