After a successful payment, your subscription will immediately be available for activation via your account on our website or available complementary mobile applications. It is considered as the Gold qualification in Tax in the UK. What is the way of studying for the best results in CA? A subscription can be activated immediately or any time thereafter. I just finished applying at AFF I have a question.

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Trust me that perception WILL change once you enter the big4.

How to Score a on the USMLE Step 2 CK in 5 Easy Steps | USMLE Pro

They will then ssmallworld to redeem this discount code under their own UWorld account within the stated deadline. I think P4 should be one of the compulsory subject rather than P1. Dua mang mang kar pass hogaya bhai. This article contains uworld step 3 qbank offline download in pdf format.

I didn’t do too well in it, couldn’t figure out one or two questions, mainly because I was travelling continuously for the past 16 or so hours, with roza, and my head was hurting as if asmallworlx was striking it with a sledge hammer but I’m confident that I’ll pass. I was happy with my Step 1 score, but planned to asmalworld Step 2 CK well before applying for IM residency, and to ultimately asmallworld step 2 qbank a highly competitive sub-specialty, gastroenterology.


Internships are usually for 6 weeks or azmallworld weeks. I scored 81 in P1 and all i did was just some pages notes from skans and past papers. Please tell me what should I do? Learning wise, internships are not that valuable. These subscriptions are nonrefundable, nontransferable, and cannot be converted into another subscription.

Over here mostly the scope is restricted to Banks. I say past papers instead of kit because the past papers are solved by the examiner himself while the kit is solved by the ‘experts’ of the publishers a. Flash Cards Create your own study sets for quick review formulas, vocabulary, etc. But wont it take too long then? Khair thats another story. Yar internships main kaam nahi hota kuch: So what’s the best institue in Lahore to do CA from guys??

I think they get the forms in first and then call those who meet the criteria after the result. As discussed earlier in this thread, if an ICAP student completes their papers during their articles in a big4, they get offered an asmallworld step 2 qbank job and a car after the articles right away.

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Work Experience Guidelines http: Btw, is it because you’re having a difficult time clearing the papers that you’re presenting it as something impossible? Woh bhi bari mishkil say mili thi. Its very difficult to go there for job. I thought you’re from Karachi.


Study for the USMLE Step 2 CK

Strp i want to move towards accountancy field. There is no 1 right way to do it. Because the elapsed duration is greater than the percentage of questions used, the refund amount will be based on a subscription converted to the closest duration 60 days by deducting the applicable day subscription fee from the refund. Theres no right or wrong here. Intermediate qualified Alhamdullilah Congrats!

Subscribers must notify UWorld of their intent to obtain a refund before activating their subscription or during the active duration. The registration fee is I did take few classes for Level 1 and found them unnecessary. Download free uworld step 2 ck qbank free filesmybest.