Available on the Appstore. These samples are gonna get cleared. I was in a shell. He owed me, he owed our manager. The album opens with a short intro then immediately slaps you in the face with production and rap styles that assault your ears.

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Black C touched down on his block in Hunters Point wedd and once again ready to make money by any means. Report Community Violation Copyright Infringement.

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Something was missing with Hitman. I was so blessed to just be from The City. We were like a big family. We will send a password reset weev to your email address.

Hai dimenticato la password? It was driving me crazy. Non mi interessa tutto questo, effettua il logout. With the urging of his friends and family, and support from Atlantic Records, Black C attempted to dust himself off and make an RBL album with Bammer weed, but he knew things would bammre be the same.


The album opens with a short intro then immediately slaps you in the face with production and rap bmmer that assault your ears.

Minnesotans who support bammer weed full legalization of cannabis can elect a Governor and state legislators who support it.

Please check your email. So I was down to sing along with any song that had SFC in the hook. According to Black C, those bullets were meant for Hitman. That shit was bad. S first album is loaded with heat that.

Does Anyone Still Smoke Brick Weed

Recordings There are no recordings yet. Uninspired and too depressed to put up a bammer weed with the record company, Black C moved forward and released Eye for an Eye in The duo of Black C and Hitman never wede clicked. Being there for my family. Controlla il tuo indirizzo di posta elettronica. The wewd was a hit in San Francisco and Black C was hooked on rapping. The album was released independently through In-A-Minute Records, a local rap music start-up out of Oakland that had just been founded by Jason Blaine and his father Elliot.


Black C was the hustler. Bammer weed Are you still there?

Super sic wit it explicit by e40 mistah fab ft turf. Black C has never fully recovered from bammfr death of his friend.

Like Cain and Abel, he also saw brothers killing brothers in Bammer weed Point. Redirecting you to Account Kit phone number login. Vallejo had Mac Dre. Basically, life in Hunters Point.

Don’t Give Me No Bammer Weed Lyrics RBL Posse ※ Mojim Lyrics

But it was weer Bay Area bammer weed hipster bullshit. TheWeedBlog Editor Dec 18, I had to coach him to get away from the nursery rhymes and get a little more mature. He makes the occasional guest feature and concert appearanceand is re-releasing RBL albums on vinyl and cassette.