I scored it the first time I played the Megashift mode of the game. Fruit Crush Mania Rated 4. I was in the middle of the game when I cleared out a large group of bubbles and all of a sudden the replacement columns were filled with nothing but huge swathes of blue bubbles, and no other colors for a while. Only had a few balls left when the game ended. I’ve been asked a few times about Bubble Breaker high scores I screwed up a few times before, and I’ve been kicking myself to find this feature being there for me the whole time.

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I play for the high score. Bubble breaker megashift Legend Rated 4. Seems like the game was originally named Bubblets and developed by OopDreams. We selected those bubles and a new block filled the screen again! Views Read Edit View history.

I have bubble breaker in my phone and I always play the Mega shift I’ve reset my phone and tried selecting over new games and haven’t seen it since.

JawBreaker in mobiles” in Chinese and English. I had previously played around games before resetting the statistics to concentrate on average score. I have a tmobile Dash. The Bubblet version does, though, so you can easily compare: I try not to sacrifice any balls of my target color but will down the stretch to get one more ball in my break.


It definitely keeps my bubble breaker megashift occupied on the spur of the moment. But now I really love the color blue!

Love this game, just looking for a good strategy guide to improve my skills. The other game styles are NegashiftShifter and MegaShift.

[GAME][2.2+] Bubble Breaker 1.0

Available on Mobile device. A preview of brraker row to be added, like in Tetris, appears at the bottom of the screen the top of the column is on the right. Annoyingly I keep restarting games when I don’t lock the phone, so the average is a bit low I play standard bubble breaker on my phone, average score is high score is Games ave big burst high theres no way that ppl got over bubble breaker megashift, More links from Google.

I can confirm the glitch “mystery bonus” stories. I use Bubble Breaker for Windows Mobile.

Also that more extensive strategies would likely provide diminishing results. I rarely see a game with 40 balls of one color in it so everyone saying they have high scores 10, and up must be playing a different version or style. To get the SmartPhone’s bubblebreaker stats file – sunc your phone, open Windows Explore, find your phone near the bottom of the explore tree, goto the root folder, goto application data, goto Bubblebreaker, copy the Bubblebreaker.


Step 2, I do the inverse- which color is least likely to score- eliminate those bubbles first. Last and most challenging is the MegaShift mode, which is pretty much “all of the above” You really have to play it to experience it. Official Club Wish list. Standard Edition Bubble Breaker – I just posted my latest update. My average is with a big burst of These stats are for regular game by the way.

I’ve been asked a few bubble breaker megashift about Bubble Breaker high scores Palm Bubble breaker megashiftWin: April 7, packaged with Windows Mobile