It’s used to raw-read PALs, especially protected ones. I’ll finish dumping them all tomorrow. Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs in the CPS-1 driver. Zip list 7-Zip [64] See cps1 for usage examples. Added 3rd and 4th player and coin slots. Aaron Giles fixed U.

c632 ic1

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Properly removed YM in the QSound games.

Verified more gfx rom mappings against PAL dumps thanks to Corrado. It’s used to raw-read PALs, especially protected ones. Mack the Knife’s name is based on a song made popular in the mid ‘s by Louis Armstrong.

c632 ic1

Paul Leaman fixed bad tiles in some CPS1 games. Children of the Atom X-Men Vs. Fixed sf2ceub labels and added PCB infos, removed 1 incorrect rom and replaced with proper redump done by Dumping Union.

c632 ic1

Paul Leaman fixed several CPS-1 graphics problems such as the missing van in Punisher and some others. This fixes lc1 game start and mtwins explosion during attract. Improved understanding and emulation of palette related registers [Nicola Salmoria, Corrado Tomaselli]. Angelo Salese submitted a patch for Captain Commando input ports, adding 4 player support. Renamed captcomm to captcommr1. Renamed captcomu to captcommucaptcomj to captcommj and captcomb to captcommb.


captcommu: MAME ROM Information.

The logo was broken, but not in the same way as the PCB. David Haywood fixed duplicate input port bits in CPS1 driver. Identified three new unknown registers in the CPS-B custom.

It was not the only game, though; “Battle Circuit” is even a better example of Capcom’s enthusiasm for this stuff. Minor cleanups and fixes.

c632 ic1

Smitdogg – The box of Capcom goodies arrived today from Japan. Added information about B-Board revisions where possible. Added some notes and done some documentation fixes.

edge|emulation | download MAME ROMs | Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World )

Inconsistency between real board and MAME. Small fix to sample start and loop.

Changed palettesize from to colors. I mean, great game! Captain Commando c Capcom.

pal chip – UK-VAC : UK Video Arcade Collectors Forum – Page 2

c362 Stefan Lindberg got an undumped World version of Captain Commando as well. Off Game Difficulty 1: Continues are NOT allowed! Corrado Tomaselli verified and corrected CPS1 refresh rate.


Restored back the rom parts removed in previous updates because they needed to be documented and added the iv1 ones of the recently dumped 3wondersr1. But for the other 2, yet again, the program rom labels indicated new versions we don’t have dumped and so far look to be matching currently dumped sets, or at least doing some mixmatching with program roms and different sizes on graphics roms.

Mega Man: The Power Battle (CPS1, Asia 951006) (MAME version 0.147)

Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs in the CPS-1 driver. CPS1 cleanup and notes.

Chack’n cleaned up the CPS-1 driver romset definitions a little. Smitdogg – We got Captain Commando Japan