This topic is now closed to further replies. Well I’m only a freshman, but I don’t care. Posted July 25, And you wanna be like me? I got my boyz and they got my back.

calibretto 13 high five mp3

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We’ll wait till after school one day When you turn your back the other way. Eight, cause trouble and be full of hate.

Download Sigrid – High Five (Official Video) – MP3

TONS of vinyl references!!!!!!!! I have it on vinyl but want it on the iPod. Flve, get a knife or a gun. I’ll check it out. Four, buy some more.

calibretto 13 high five mp3

I just recently got some Harley Poe Also if anybody has that Geometry stuff or any decent rips of the House of Blow stuff. And you can be in calkbretto club of G-boy gangsta fools. So don’t look at me wrong, or get in my way, Cause I guarantee that you will pay.


High Five Lyrics

Well, now, I’m in a gang and Fife so bad. Ten, get a rude attitude. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. No More Tears 8.

Just for the record, I hate Dashboard but Seville was really good. Posted August 31, I like the Harley Poe stuff. I stalk the hell out of Harley Poe.

calibretto 13 high five mp3

Three, by some jnco jeans. I’m a gangster now look at me.

I got my colors they’re just so rad. Dipping Things In Stuff 5.

Posted August 26, Posted August 28, Prev 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 Next Page fivw of Posted August 19, Posted September 4, They were one of my favourites. If you’re not in our gang, you might as well be dead. Just follow these ten easy gangsta rules.

And you wanna be like me?

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We are rough and we like to cuss. Net All Rights Reserved. Cause we’re the Kokomo Gangsta Boyz, we’re tough.