Amani Friend – Treavor Moontribe. Path of Least Resistance. This album is like a rollercoaster that you don’t wanna get off. Hyperion Emeritus February 28th Comments. MOS Remixes Probably my favourite album from Ott.

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Carbon Based Lifeforms This collision of genre patterns often works brilliantly. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jan 4, Carbon Based Lifeforms Sweden. But yeah, much prefer this to WoS, feels more grounded and unique to me. Photosynthesis Solar Quest remix. Ambient trance, acid trance, psy-ambient, breakbeat, spacemusic. Drifting At Sea Original Mix.

Photosynthesis Robert Elster remix. World Of Sleepers is positively storming at times and the album is particularly well suited to cranking up the volume.

Hydroponic Garden

T-Rex Echoes – Live Version. MOS Hardfloor remix. Henrique Palhava – Daniel Rosado. Listening to them now it’s clear at that point that the various elements of their sound were still coalescing.


Carbon Based Lifeforms “Hydroponic Garden” CD

I actually love the synthetic feeling, and meant ‘mockery’ in a good way because gardem furthers the discomfort, but I guess people are accustomed to that being a negative descriptor in muscial circles. But whilst other similar artists may have greater accessibility or stronger individual songs, sonic consistency and immersion is what truly separates Carbon Based Lifeforms from their peers.

Hydroponic Garden Remaster. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Refuge – Original Baser Picture Soundtrack. Hydroponic Garden Remaster Say Something Original Mix.

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Ambient Music Guide

Streaming and Download help. MOS Album Version. The duo constructs their tracks with great care, expertly blending elements of ambient trance, beatless ambient, electro-dub and breaks with patches of static, garbled radio transmissions and disembodied voice bytes.

Staff Reviewer March 1st Comments. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. Carbon Based Lifeforms earliest releases were several self-published albums originally issued through the old MP3.


CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS – Listen on Deezer | Music Streaming

Whirring synths spiral about aimlessly, raising their voices to speak over one another without ever really settling on a purpose or goal. Spectral Voice Eroded Corridors of Unbeing. Euphotic – Live Version.

Archelirion February 28th Comments. World Of Sleepers Remaster. Post- Interloperthe band has taken some detours into beatless ambience. Ultimately this leads to a degree of repetition, but rarely does consistency ever amount to stagnation, and the subtly evolving melodies become easier to immerse yourself in. Trigonometric May 7th 2 Comments.

Daniel Segerstad – Johannes Hedberg.