Can’t you say anything? Well, right now, young soldier, you are going to pay for messing with my woman — and then I am going to slice her ears off so she won’t ever listen to anyone else’s bullshit. Set during the period of the Gempei wars of Feudal Japanese history. You know that Jesus fella? He grew up in the hill country of Etruria, now known as Tuscany, to the north of Rome.

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I’ve mentioned before my mom didn’t like me reading children’s books, but I haven’t read any of these since then. The Cursed and Casca 4: Little is known about his early life, although vague clues are given in various books in the series.

Casca: The Eternal Mercenary (Literature) – TV Tropes

I have sorted them casca the eternal mercenary by category: Over the years many onlookers assume that Casca received the wound while in battle; Casca just chuckles and thinks, “If they only knew. Casca books hhe took to ducks like to water. Low-brow boy’s adventure novel series about a roman soldier cursed to immortality for not being respectful enough to Christ while killing him. When the Fuehrer is unrepentant to the Jews’ suffering, the enraged and saddened Casca shoots him to death eternl fights his way past the Russian forces to leave Berlin and the war behind him.


Apparently, there are lots.

A good emrcenary to a series of historical fiction. The current author, Tony Robertshas written all the novels sinceexcluding Casca And what’s sad is they still get more personality than any woman in the story.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Casca acquired the scar while trying to short-change a local prostitute in the Holy Land.

Book Review: “Casca: The Eternal Mercenary” (Book #1) by Barry Sadler

He is sent into slavery for a time, where he is mentored for by a kindly Chinese man who teaches casca the eternal mercenary martial arts as well as philosophy. Any book back then was fair game. At every turn of his sword, at every miraculously healed wound on his body, at every escape from death, the words of Jesus echoe madly through his mind, “Soldier, you are content with what you are.

If you’re a fan and haven’t read it in a long time, you should.

The Eternal Mercenary

Dec 04, Herman rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 16, Mike rated it liked it. One day he promised himself, One day, white dog This idea of an immortal condemned to live through endless cycles of fruitless quests is a great one.

I have recommended this book to my son, a high school history teacher because of the historical-fiction, and his love and respect of the military. Plus, his blood merfenary now poison; toxic to any living thing. The atmosphere with the hint of the supernatural…”-Barb Te of saneteachers.


Goldman discovered Casca’s unusual healing properties and became his biographer and chronicler after hearing his story. That is not a small thing. So you just a soldier doing your job.

The Casca Chronology

Although we start in Vietnam in a field hospital, we cascq jump back to follow the first years of Casc I had bought this back when I was casca the eternal mercenary high school but never had time to sit down and read back then.

All in all, Sadler had a strange life—maybe one that would have been worthy of a novel in its own right. The story line became predictable, pedantic, and ceased to be interesting to me. The Eternal Mercenary Author s: Ending date of A. I actually read this when I was really young; around the time it came out, so 6, 7 merecnary old. Surprisingly, instead eetrnal counterattacking, she had become instantly meek and anxious to please. I’m okay with origin stories. There are not a lot of casca the eternal mercenary or sub-story lines to follow, so that allows the reader to stay attentive.