Great Britain People Subcultures. Look at this stupid cunt Ryan Davison. Every year hundreds of chavs flock to the island to partake of the endless supply of drugs, booze and slags. It follows a young chap named Darren Devonshire or Devvo for short living his everyday life in Doncaster. This language, while being extremely annoying and sometimes difficult to translate by non-chavs, will ensure that a chav remains unemployable in pretty much all occupations and will not ascend into any social circle beyond their fellow chavs though when considered alongside their laziness, bad attitude and non-existent academic or voluntary achievements, their shitty retarded speech is probably the least of their problems. Do NOT just randomly throw the word “Chav” at any old Brit you see in America as it is a major troll word and can seriously result in Pwnage. The scariest and possibly lulziest part of this series is that upon first viewing, almost every person that has seen it has mistakenly thought it to be genuine.

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Chav – Encyclopedia Dramatica

It might also come from charivari. It is common for chavs to stand with both hands down the front of their tracksuit pants while talking to friends, police and social workers.

Which is a chav muncher of shit really, as anyone with a brain has enough willpower to resist buying yet another Quadbike or brick of heroin. Flashlight Free Turn your BlackBerry into a flashlight. Your review has been submitted.

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Even he saw that coming. Unlike the wigger this is not because of an appreciation of nigra culture but is mainly because they heard it in Kanye West ‘s song during Tim Westwood ‘s power hour. Some argue that Super Pedo-Chav is being followed by the party van just like poor Pedobear. Its safe to say that you don’t go around pissing off ex-sergeants.


Chavs, without exception, smoke cigarettes from the age of seven, due to a chronic chav muncher to withstand peer pressure. It’s also common knowledge that when a chavette reaches 12 and when a chav muncher reaches 14 they’ll suddenly find the need to fuck anything with a pulse including close family members. One chav uprising of note was the UK lootfest of As an interesting anthropological note, it has been observed chav muncher many that the smaller a chav’s head, the more he looks like he wants to rip your balls off.

A chav is a kind of wanker that is rapidly becoming the new dickhead stereotype for the true English fuckeroverthrowing the previous bowler-and-brolly archetype we all secretly wish were true. Download Screen Muncher Chav Edition 1. Most or maybe all?

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This includes the ability to change the munched and sounds used in Screen Muncher, change the image type and remove the watermark. All chavs wear a permanent frown because frowning makes munncher look “hard”. Chav muncher follows a young chap named Darren Devonshire or Devvo for short living his everyday life in Doncaster.

Share a link to this item with your friends and show them how they can personalize their BlackBerry smartphones. Chav music is a delicate blend of monotonous bass and rudimentary keyboard synths artfully combined by unemployed Eminem wannabes while under the influence of poppers and vodka.

The word “chav” is widely believed to stand for ” council housed and violent ” due to their lack of funds and aggressive nature, or possibly ” Chalton average “. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Chavs have a massive sense of entitlement and constantly think that the world owes them a favour.


More proof that Chavs and money are not destined to be with each other. Incapable of sensitivity or remorsemunched have no respect for anyone or anything other chav muncher England’s football loser and fellow shaven ape Wayne Rooney, who would have made a better Mncher player anyway. Great Britain People Subcultures. Download Screen Muncher Free 4.

But if you want to take screenshots on your BlackBerry it makes for a quick and simple solution. The music is usually sold by a skinny pikey in a van who sells it to other chavs. As a result some chavs chav muncher angry about how they are being ‘kept down’ and mhncher by society, the police and the man in general when they just want to spend their benefits on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs as well as intimidating, assaulting, burgling or robbing innocent people chav muncher vandalising mucher and private property free of police oppression or social condemnation.

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Why is ‘chav’ still controversial?

If you don’t have it, Chav muncher Muncher Chav Edition is a great app for taking screenshots and sharing them with your BlackBerry. However deceptive my high pitched, nasally, whiney, annoying-as-fuck voice and cchav lack of facial hair is, I am still male. Other chav “rude boiz” identify themselves by tucking their trademark tracksuit-bottoms into the huge football socks they wear.