Converting the load in this way does not affect the load data permanently. See the Location button in the dialog box for the device. Opening the first sectionalizing device upstream from the fault and resetting the tripped protection device restore the normal path. Select the keyword s you want to delete and click on. The distributed-parameter models are the best ones to use for long lines and cables. The values of R and L are tripled in a Delta connection.

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Predictive analysis uses different parameters including historical data to calculate reliability indices.

For the cymdist 4.7 being, the negative sequence impedance is considered to be equal to the subtransient impedance and the skin effect is neglected. Define the directory for this database here. The calculation returns the results when no calculated voltage 4. Both ac and dc offset currents are computed and reported.

That is, harmonic currents spread out into the network, affecting customers who are not necessarily located near the source. The IEEE standard is 5 minutes.

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The explorer bar on the other hand can show information concerning the network and the analysis as well. Start with the recommendations for one objective such cymdist 4.7 Minimize Overloadscymdist 4.7 then run again with another objective such as Minimize kW Losses. The CYMDIST base package is a comprehensive tool providing distribution engineers with key applications to perform system planning studies, simulations and analysis on a daily basis.


Various standard formats of paper can be chosen.

CYMDIST User Guide

cymdidt Fault isolated by opening zone Z1. Secondary Grid Networks Modeling and Analysis: Event ID By default, the event ID will be cymdisf concatenation of the device number with a numerical suffix. This will allow to view the report on sections where capacitors have been recommended. Select a section from the detailed report and both the result box and the One Line will highlight the same section and vice versa. To access the list of keywords click on the button.

Any recommended capacitor that you apply will be installed with Manual control, unless you first use Modify Capacitor see 8. If it still does not converge, look for abnormally high cymdkst or long conductor lengths. Momentary Failure rate is the number of failures of a device per year that caused momentary outages. Calculation Method Conventional Calculates the unbalanced fault flows using the conventional shortcircuit analysis parameters. You may find that the desired power factor was not achieved.

Results for Low Voltage circuit Breaker duty will be reported only at buses whose base voltage is less than 1. The xymdist could be 30 — Hz 25 to Hz in Europebut should cymdizt exceed cymdist 4.7 higher limit because the modeling for certain equipment may not be valid above that frequency.

In the example above, the cyjdist factors for section are being defined for cymdist 4.7 of the years, and This publication describes the state of this product at the time of its publication, and may not reflect the product at all times in the future.


If you click on Cancel, it will be discarded. Designed to analyze and promote the electrical safety for employees working cymdisf or near electrical equipment, this module computes the necessary parameters required to assess the risk level and adopt the adequate safety procedures, thus minimizing the risks cymfist burns and injuries. The cymdist 4.7 curves of impedance magnitude and angle as functions of frequency are illustrated below.

Click on the button inside the Short Circuit Box Results to display the Chart Selection dialog box where you can select to cymdist 4.7 the fault current profile along the feeder, from the substation to the active section. The Options group box includes a convenient option to unlock all such fixed loads before running the Load Allocation.

These options cymdist 4.7 explained below.

Visual information on those stickers includes: Enter the new tag layer name. Refer to section