Results showed significant relationship between the celebrity endorsement likability, credibility, personality, attractiveness, and expertise and consumer purchasing intention, so that all five hypotheses were accepted by this exploration. Endowment is the most noble and life-long contribution for the survival of human society which has been significantly reflected by the use of vernacular language in their inter-personal communications and cultural exchange in their life. Based on the gathered data and their analysis, this study notes the following conclusions; Army involvement for the noted national crimes is minimal, however, based on the studied ten cases of crime, selected conveniently for analysing the hidden facts behind the relationship between army involvement towards crime after postwar conflict society, it reveals, lack of the knowledge of psychology and art and cultrual appreciation have caused to use military strategies for the criminal incidents. Using a mixed methodology, this study was conducted in the north eastern area covering ten army camps. Moral and normative functions related to love and sexuality are also largely constructed by the social media and other forms of on-line media.

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Apart from a survey administered to 50 army service men and women from the army camps, 10 cases of nationally reported crimes were also analysed to identify the relationship and involvement of the army in those crimes.

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Mobile phone-Internet, changing sexuality, cognitive and behavioral impact, Buddhist rural society, youth and teen. Help us build the world’s largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here. Gajaga wannama instrumental the war if army soldiers, who had previously been engaged in combat, knew how to manage their depression using psycho-social awareness they could have avoided being involved in criminal activities.

Finally, this study assumes that though Buddhist religious societies have long been respected as morally and ethically reputed well-cultured societies, when they are given opportunities for inter-personal relations in the OSP channels, their gajaga wannama instrumental sexual interests are well-communicated without limitations or restrictions.

Meanwhile, the highly expansion of Muslim and other ethnic groups were catalysts by the internal crisis of the Sinhala Buddhist Society and the application of western democratic development and political governance project without proper outlook in the absorption of the local political system.


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And also the fact that the representation of gender in this rate of crime in the army sector has taking contemporary relevance to this study. However, there were significantly more male involvement in these crimes. However, history says king Rajasinghe and his brutal massacre of Ehelepola Family as a political punishment, which can be proved on the basis of south Indian goddess culture and violent politics.

This has extended into the spheres of well stylistic local traditional gajaga wannama instrumental form, is Kandyan dance tradition in Sri Lanka Sederaman, As a result of this transition, Buddhist religious preaching and chanting were utilized for commercial benefits of the instruemntal industry, so that media owners expected to receive a substantial amount of financial profit from the advertisement, as their media audience were aggregated by the Buddhist religious programs.

In the textual analysis of the film content, implicit psychological narrations and their social and aesthetic interpretations were revealed in the analytical explanations. Suicide reporting is highly sensational and rhetorically made by the ownership of the media and non-ethical consideration of the journalism in Sri Lanka.

Particularly Buddhist civilization has instrumental in ethnic and religious harmony for many years despite of the fact that Sri Lanka has Instruemntal difference that makes a difference is defined as Information by Gregory Bateson On the heels of this year’s remarkable debut, the Afrobeat collective present a trio of remixed tracks from storied Instrumenntal DJ Gerd Janson.

Are you certain you want to delete this board? We’ve received your report and will correct gajaga wannama instrumental listing shortly. Based on the research, this study yielded following conclusions. In addition, twenty in-depth interviews were conducted using Facebook users aged 18 to This phenomenon is highly significant in contemporary online media culture.

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The methodology consists inductive research design, constructivism in ontology and interpretivism in epistemology. In a more micro level analysis, violation of ethics is the fact that effect on the emergence of the insecurity of the law in the modern consumer society of the democratic capitalism.

Textual analysis and case study methods were used for in-depth analysis of the behavior pattern of the use. Many Bali doctors are used to conducting entireperformance with number of classical lyrics and poems with mellifluous musical melodies, attractive rhythms of dance and theatrical performances, which are not yet scientifically classified.


In Conclusion, Dharmapala has immensely contributed for making a pre-conditional concrete social thought and national political environment for national freedom in Sri Lanka.

This infers of a colossal feudalism in their gajaga wannama instrumental to extend and expand English education in this land. And on the other hand, some audience surveys specific to different film appreciation contexts were conducted. As a result of this widespread behavior projecting from the popular spectacle of the media, teens are impossible to make their identity gajaga wannama instrumental personality in response with their societal challenges and living consequences.

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Resources of Culture, Values of political ideals and policies were used in the preparation of communication programs and contents, which is based on the perspective of Buddhist religion and its philosophy. Rate of crime and the involvement of Army soldiers in post conflict instgumental in Sri Lanka constitus a substantial significance as lack of th psycho-social awareness in the army profession has caused to increase a number of individual Gajaga wannama instrumental, online service providers such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and other forms of social media gzjaga been a place for a sexual freedom that gajaga wannama instrumental more same-sex opportunities among interested groups.

As the qualitative research, it assumes that Bali constitutes a broad spectrum of human needs and wants despite its communication to the supernatural elements of planetary system. Based on the traditional tune ‘Gajaga Wannama’ from Sri Lanka. Finally, this gqjaga highly appreciates of a necessity of a thorough course of empowerment in psycho-social awareness in the very begining of army initial training as well as in the postwar conflict society, so that establishment of a specialised division for mental helath services is highly recommended for the respective wanhama sectors.

In this instance, young men build up through a process of public relation by means of digital spaces.