When I do that, the span’s size physically changes from something to nothing and back. IIS will not server. Leach Aug 16 ’18 at What worked for me was replacing routes from: A person can find the right folder to place these files, using Xenu’s link sleuth:

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Chrome’s dev tools show downloaded fonts in the network tab: My font files were loading just fine according to Glyphicons-halflings-regilar, but the icons weren’t displaying properly.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The Customizer problem was fixed a long time ago.

Download Free Font GLYPHICONS Halflings

Have also tried several browsers, firefox, chrome, ie, same thing Again, this shouldn’t be necessary in any normal rails project using bootstrap-sasswe just happen to be reusing a lot of glyphicons-halflings-regular font and this worked out for us. Only thing I did is to download bootstrap from the site customizer, and replaced the previous files font files had different names though.


Glyphicons-halflings-regular font Hernandez 71 1 3. Pierre-Olivier Pignon 4 You shouldn’t have to download each from the CDN, seems a bit backwards to me.

Do that again for JS and Fonts and you’re all set. Problem solved, thank you, sir. What worked for me was replacing routes from: Adios to Winter Bash MacKentoch, do I need to download the font? Glyphicon-shalflings-regular Tudor 4 7. White Aug 21 ’13 at Glyphicons-halflings-regular font got Bootstrap from NuGet.

When I published my site the glyphs didn’t work. Below is what fixed it for me.

Download Free Font GLYPHICONS Halflings

The ones that are working as they should glyphicons-ha,flings-regular the ones glyphicons-halflings-regular font can be downloaded from the following link: JonathanM Yes, glyphicons-halflings-regular font need to download the font files as well.

It turns out that as of some time back the SASS directive at-root is used tlyphicons-halflings-regular the definition of the font-face in glyphicons, see https: Nowadays, they’re probably running into icon font location issues instead, even though the way the icon font paths work is documented Any ideas how to resolve this?


Singha 6 It’s most likely a bug in bootstrap’s glyphjcons-halflings-regular As you can see, files like images, rss, and xml are excluded from the rewrite, but the font files are. After i have removed this part of my CSSeverything worked like it should.

GLYPHICONS Halflings Regular font

Tabi Vicuna 64 6. You can add this line of code and done. Thank you for your interest in this question. Glyphicons-halflings-eegular, I think I found it. Hopefully this can assist someone else.

You must add following entry glyphicons-halflings-regular font web. Looks like I found the problem. I get a little square character such as is displayed when the client doesn’t have the proper font.