I would like to test before buying it. This was a very hard decision for us, but our dream got much bigger, in the sense we are now working to give Denise a robotic human-like body. Can I use Denise as the interface to my Pandorabots web account? Tutorial part 1 See how Denise works! If you still have any problem during or after Denise installation, please use our Support Ticket System at http:

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Original Denise Avatar showing a Search query.

Virtual Assistant Denise by Guile3D

It is possible to correct any giving answer as guile3d denise as add custom questions and dehise. Is there a free version of Denise? Just after the installation, you can read aloud a short text to train your voice and create a profile, so Denise will better understand your voice.

Schedule appointments, meetings, set Alarms that optionally play a song or run guie3d external application. Can I use Guile3d denise as the interface to my Pandorabots web account?

Can I suggest other features to Denise? We are working on new plug-ins such as face and guuile3d recognition, touch sensors and in a near future, robotic arms and hands. If after installing Denise she does not load, or guile3d denise some feature not working, please try following up the steps above, deleting all files from the first installation and perform a new installation.


It is like the desktop Denise, but with a real Robotic AI silicone face. Modules Want to know more about Denise’s features?

NextOS – Denise – Creating Virtual Life

What is the minimum hardware configuration to run Denise? Please allow all files from Denise to run yuile3d Windows. Is there a full body version? Guile3d denise Desktop Software will no longer be updated, however we are currently working on new products to released at Realbotix.

Check out our video gallery.

Will Denise speech guile3c recognize every word I say? It is easy to add new knowledge to the system, like custom questions and answers, and comands guile3d denise can trigger some action, like open external aplications or run external software.

Guile3D Studio , Denise FAQ – NextOS

In what Operational System does Denise work? Will Denise understand everything I ask her? Denise has a complete Agenda and Calendar. Why there is no trial version of Denise?


Guile3d denise I install Denise in more than one computer with a single purchase? Science fiction computer assistants have finally arrived to everyone! Will be there a Linux version of Denise? Denise on the News International media. Denise comes with Nuance Dragon Ask anything for Denise and she will try guile3d denise find the best answer by searching on-line or using her own Artificial Intelligence engine.


If you are installing Denise in a protect local area network with Proxy or Firewall systems, you will need to allow full Internet Access to the computer your are installing Denise before the installation. Add new tasks, and have all Speak aloud by Denise. An error ocurred during the request to reset your license. Use several Avatars options that comes free with Denise. Male Avatar and Custom Speech Commands.

The interface is resizable, and user can also customize which menu options to show. Original Denise Avatar and a Search query.