Welcomed everyone to have a look and let me know if i did any wrong setting. The whole problem was the Block Transfer configured on the Master Module because I wrote in Block Tranfer Input D therefor the memory on the machine D was not able to be modified in the currently machine process, because I had configured this address by Profibus-DP in master module. This time is 6 times longer than the watch-dog control of slaves. The purpose of the user parameters is to parameterize the individual slave. Data control time If you want to use the factory set default values click on set to the standard values.

gx configurator dp

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DP2 and an extract of the currently used GSD-database file. Command Close This menu command closes the active project.

GX Configurator DP – Mitsubishi –

This value is valid for all installed slaves. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. To edit the specific autorefresh settings see page for a DP master, a separate editor cojfigurator can be started from the context menu. Always pay particular attention to the warnings marked with this symbol.

MELSOFT GX Configurator-DP (free version) download for PC

If this menu item is not checked, you can only select one network connection index and all network database settings are stored in the project file. The conversion factors are the following: The required mode for the verification is set automatically. If you have any questions let us know. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


gx configurator dp

Each added GSD file is automatically checked for its data integrity. The inputs are checked against the input limits when leaving the dialog with the button. Clears a defined network connection index. Interval to wait for response Min.

And there start the mistake if when I arrived the machine, the Profibus port in dp module wasn’t connected, then I make a new proyect and I test it without affecting the actual addresses on CPUthen I started the process machine and one variable on the CPU Program failed this variable was not cobfigurator to be modified. Check PB92 Unit The master can be checked for its slot number, head address, ident string, firmware revision, and operating mode The check function is available for network connections only.

This symbol draws your attention to notes, hints and valuable or useful information.

GX Configurator DP

Enter the new name in the Change Network Symbolic Name entry field and confirm with. To fix that, I needed to download the Old Imagen Configuration backupthen the variable returned to normal. Refer to chapter 5 for details on the network database. Failure to follow these instructions may lead to data loss, damage to your hardware or other serious problems.


Click this button to store the network database settings in a user-selectable project file.

Profibus: GX Configurator DP

I have two Profy networks at work for witch i don”t have the original DP configuration files because the person who did this is on pensionand the documentation ect was very very badly recorded and filed ect. Menus Command Toolbar If the toolbar is enabled, you will find additional buttons for creating documents, opening documents, saving documents or the help menu.

gx configurator dp

I add another slaves and it work well. Leave this dialog and save all data from this dialog in the network database. Hi Gambit, Thanks for your guide. The slowest slave defines this value. QE J 71 Station No. Installation Before You Begin.

If you have selected the Configuurator function you must define the watchdog time interval of the slave.

CEKA Thanks for your quick answer! Command Serial Port Selection. Command Zoom In Select this menu item to increase the view size of the graphical network editor. Select the network connection index you want to change.