Overall less ships will be build. If it is no big change I might be able to put it in the upcoming patch. A new version with these changes is ready for dl. I uploaded the mod anew with the fixes. Chromos on Fri Dec 21, 7:

hearts of iron 3 patch 4.02

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Infos are given further below or in the OP. Chromos on Sat Dec 22, Start the game with the launcher It still says 4. I’m just one person doing this.

hearts of iron 3 patch 4.02

If not, I might just not have the time yet. Chromos on Wed Nov 06, 5: Developer Paradox Development Studio. For all those who liked to help on the techtree descriptions and pics this is the version to go.

hearts of iron 3 patch 4.02

But yeah, overall you are right, bad policy. But regardless idon this policy Paradox has patched each version of HoI quite significantly e. More patches will follow. It will build now the map wich could take a while. Anyway, now again ahead with full steam. So no longer 4 years builds for modern ships, but 2 years are possible now with the right techs.


Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour : Patches, Updates,Addons, Downloads (The Patches Scrolls)

One of the most played Mods for “Hearts of Iron 3”! The mod version is still the same, but the cheksum changed from E E C R to the new one: An early design of the techtree.

No other patches in between are needed. Clicking on the wrench should lead you to the download. That phenomenon is continuing.

Hello everyone, sven I have the same problem and it’s bloody frustrating. Railroad networks are added. Hearts of Iron III: Downloads 4 today. And so far it works quite well. Make detailed progress with you ampihbious landing capabilities.

Chromos on Sat Dec 01, 2: You need of course the main mod if you don’t already have that one: Don’t ask me why. Paradox have recently released a hotfix for ‘random CTDs’ in game At what point in the game do you crash, heatts you playing, does it not start or does it crash on startup?


Download Patch 4.02

MTB, all carriers, PocketBB -Added gfx for new buildings in production view -Fixed percentage values for max amount of units being buildable. I hope that this is the right place to post this. I bought Hoi 3 and herats the dlc back in January and have been reading forums and trying solutions to get it to work ever sense.

Lets have a look at what I remember: At least you can look at the Paradox Int.