During the installation, you can choose whether to use Google Earth or OpenStreetMap to represent the position data on the map. Under certain conditions this could result in black blocks appearing in the image. This procedure is repeated every 24 hours. It will only be shown as an object reference image for the transmitter in the transmitter list. This releases the serial port for other applications or for the serial channel. As soon as the connection is established, then per transmitter and per receiver a data volume of 6 bytes per minute respectively is generated. The first sales receipt recorded after the specified search start is returned.

heitel cam control lite

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HeiTel Digital Video

When image transmission is not running offlineclick Receiver options. Activity messages from cameras If you have connected the corresponding transmitter inputs with camera control inputs and programmed the transmitter accordingly, the button labels change colour red and black according to the status of the connected inputs. This function perfectly demonstrates the flexibility of the HeiTel system made up of intercoordinated hardware and software components.

The number of images in the currently active sequence is shown on the right: All settings are stored in the transmitter and can be recovered in the event of power failure.

The display of the number of hits is cleared at the same time.

Once the first connection has been established successfully, the device serial number is obtained and displayed. Accidentally created multiple entries should also be deleted or corrected where necessary.

This software product is included with our hardware and is available in various languages.


CamControl LITE – HeiTel Digital Video – asmag

Activate installation by clicking OK, 6. The settings CAPI 2.

heitel cam control lite

Switching between main and side panels Left-clicking in one of the side panels automatically switches it to the main panel so that all operating features are available. All users must identify themselves with their name and password on program start and program end. If the space available is sufficient to display the image in full, no switch takes place. Delete Ckntrol the button Delete you will delete a checked entry. If there are several devices to choose from that follow one after the other, check the first of the desired entries by left clicking, then click and hold down the shift key, thereafter check by way of another left click on the last ltie of the desired devices.

CamControl PLAYER: Software: Heitel by Xtralis: Heitel by Xtralis Products : Xtralis

Left mouse button You can also change the viewing mode by clicking one of the image windows in the main panel. PTZ control If the active transmitter in the main panel has a PTZ camera, select the camera in question by clicking the relevant Camera button.

If the receiver archive is active on the PC, all the images received are saved. The software starts dialing and establishing a connection. The Transmitter data dialog box closes, and you find yourself back in the Transmitter index. Within the transmitter list the transmitters and groups are sorted automatically by name, in alphabetical order.

You can obtain lihe articles from HeiTel as accessories.

CamControl PRO 4.41 Manual – bei der HeiTel Digital Video GmbH

Position of control elements If you define global switching procedures i. The size of the entire receiver archive is only limited by the size of the hard drive. In addition to the image, every printout contains other useful information such as program name, program version, transmitter name, name and path of the archive file, printing date, camera number, camera name, as well as the time and date of image recording. The Transmitter index opens. When playing back image data, the associated receipt is shown.


For temporary disturbances, the last determined positioned data and the speed is shown in red. Users with identities in both management systems do not have to log on with user name and password when dialling into a transmitter.

heitel cam control lite

The currently selected reference image is also shown as a larger image in the picture window beneath the list. Audio recording When archive recording is enabled, you can also record an audio stream.

In terms of configuration, the Cam4mobile devices behave like the CamDisc SVR models, in that they also have a removable hard drive. When the maximum size of the receiver archive is reached, the oldest images and calls are gradually overwritten.

If you are still experiencing problems, consult your modem manual. It is not possible to use the same transmitter name several times.