There’s another way if you don’t want to have older Java versions installed you can do the following:. Aug 1 – 6: I won’t downvote the registry hackers, but i would not say registry hacking is a solution.. Thanks, works in iReport 5. Then I tried to download java 7 but oracle allows only oracle customers to download it!

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Once deleted, iReport ran successfully.

iReport not opening? Java 8 may be the issue

Adding the jdkhome did it for me. For example if you unpack twice the jre-7uwindows-x Put that folder in the iReport No matter you will ireport 3.7.5 your Java in the future, iReport will still work till the old Java exists somewhere on your machine.

Products Solutions Services Resources. JasperReports doesn’t support Java 8 yet. Episode 2 Creating a simple report. I could solve the issue by installing a 32 – Bit SDK as well.


iReport Designer Tutorials & Help | Jaspersoft Community

Roman, i got same issue, have you found what caused it? I have the same problem on Windows 7 bit ireporg versions 3. The solution hequinteroz pointed me to was to edit the ireport.

MaxPermSize to m instead of m. No splash, no window. And it seems ireport 3.7.5 is no intention to support Java 8. Episode 4 How to use the template chooser and create new custom templates. Ravinath 7 7.

Using report variables Simple tutorial about using report variables. They are highly recommended, especially to new users.

Mar 9 – 8: Now it’s working after changing the jdkhome. Jan 10 ’16 at Part of step 3 as putting Java install ireport 3.7.5 iReport’s folder is unnecessary. However the point here is that you need that old jre only for booting this ireport. Apr 28 – 6: Also for older versions: I had the same problem installing iReport 4. Episode 3 How to build iReport Designer from source. Using report parameters Simple tutorial about using report parameters. Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap Error: Creating expressions using Groovy How ireport 3.7.5 simplify expressions using Groovy instead of Java.


Thank you for your interest in this question. Deploying reports How to execute a report in your Java application. While ireport does not officially support java8, there is a fairly simple way to make ireport tested with ireport 5.

Dec 7 – The problem is actually in netbeans. There’s ireport 3.7.5 way if you don’t want to have older Java versions installed you can do the following: