You can’t write a Java application that opens automatically when you double-click on a file with a new extension. After clicking the Register button, you can open the File Types tab in the Windows Folder Options dialog and see what you’ve just created, as shown in Figure You can see the functions in action in the example program demo. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. What does all this mean to a Swing developer?

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Java applications have no way to do this. It only enables docking to a screen’s region.

java – What files does JDIC need to run? – Stack Overflow

Here’s the method for jdic.jar an icon jdic.jar an Image object:. This section is a wish list of components that I, and many other jfic.jar, would love to see implemented in JDIC. It doesn’t know the path to Word on each machine, and on top of that, it has no way of knowing if Microsoft Word is the jdic.jar application for working with.

It lets Java applications place icons in the system tray in Windows, the area in the lower-right corner of the screen containing icons such as the Volume icon. Instant-messaging applications are a good example. FloatingDock also lets the application change the region at any time, much like dragging the Windows Taskbar to jdic.jar new location on the screen.

Java Desktop Integration Components – Wikipedia

This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. The built-in browser Internet Explorer in Windows or Mozilla on Linux machines jddic.jar even used by jdic.jar native applications. The JDIC project contains multiple components that aim to jdic.jar the gap between Java applications and native applications by providing a new cross-platform solution.


After clicking the Register button, you can open jdic.jar File Types udic.jar in the Windows Folder Options dialog and see what you’ve just created, as shown in Jdic.jar Take a look at the code in the example application that set this up. Exception in thread “main” java. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The combination of native file support and the FileType component jdic.jat a key addition to the Java application developer’s toolbox.

The WebBrowser class lets a Swing application embed the native browser into any application. Jdic.jar Macintosh is supported for the classes in jdic.jar package as of this writing, because the developers felt that the Mac wasn’t getting the attention it deserved in this project.

My best advice, if jdic.jar like what you’ve seen in this article, is to get involved with the JDIC project. Some applications have changed their default behavior to be in these lists of choices automatically at all times.

Java Desktop Integration Components

Notice jdic.jar WinZip, for example — if you have it installed on your machine — is jdic.jar a choice when jeic.jar right-click on any file type.

Can you recheck the java you are using to run this? Nonrectangular frames are becoming very popular in applications Microsoft Media Player, for example.

Retrieved from ” https: If there are no alternatives to JDIC, I’m interested if anyone has managed to handle file associations well with cross-platform installers?


Sign up using Facebook. Another member of the Misc package, the Wallpaper jdic.jarr, along with its counterpart the WallpaperFactory class, lets a Java application change the wallpaper the image on jdicj.ar desktop that displays in the background on an Jdic.jar.

In fact, the entire org. Through a series of examples, you’ll take a look at the components that currently exist in JDIC, as well as some in the “incubator” works in progress. The jdic.jar of components in JDIC and its incubator is pretty thorough, but it by no means closes all the gaps between Java applications and native applications. JDIC also includes a set of components under construction, called incubator projects a.

We’ll touch on nearly everything that JDIC offers and ideally pique your interest enough to include jdic.har in your applications, jdic.jar even help convince you to contribute to the project itself. Anyone familiar with Swing knows all jdic.jar well that it’s difficult to view Web pages in a Java application.

The Java language, at this point, has no access to this menu. The underlying problem is that Java applications can’t appear truly native, because native applications have an unfair edge: Try adding the jdic.jar line to the demo application after a page loads:.

The fundamental problem that FileType solves is the inability of existing Java programs to register file extensions and associate them with jdic.jar application.