Stoneologys Stone Love Ok thanks. I think that was one of his best! Raqraqxox I love this. Another one of my most favorite performances. I asked Siri what the song is and finally found it.

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Legend Da Beatslaya – State Of Emergency

Andrey-ann BB Laurent Twins. I have to dance and move when I hear this song I had such a struggle finding this song. Lau Channels Larry so hard and so well no wonder it scares him sometimes, it’s what he’s reflecting Beatslaya Yes, That is right And each have their own Ying and Yang dance style that gels so perfectly when put together. Van Cdo The best partnership of the moment. Pixelord-Cartoon Friend Demokracy Rmx. Ngozi Chukwu me meowcityredsatin fbpal.

His face is pale and his nose is red. I loved the rhythm. Beatslaya Beatslayaa You for tuning inn! bratslaya

Nath mystik I see on you facebook page,a picture You was in the jury for le Juste Debout ,with les Twins? Derriana Isidore They killed that!!!!!


This music is ridiculously perfect for them, it’s not them dancing to the music Beast n Blaze ARE the music. Brenda Bridges Legend Da Beatslaya equals les twins! Andre Johnson sickest dance track ever Andrew Jolicoeur If these two were to dance with masks and it was left for the audience to tell who was dancing, you could just decipher who it is just by the way they dance. They’re twins duh they know what each other is gonna do next. O That’s some next gen shit right there.

Drea The girl at 1: Apollo G’eeze – Wake Up.

Скачать State Of Emergency | Legend Da Beatslaya | Les Twins – смотреть онлайн

I asked Siri what the song is and finally found it. Dennis Kalteis Nice nice. Jason meyers This beat is sick!!!!! Classik Luvanga – K [Extendard Edit]. Beatslaya Thank You for the love. Apollo G’eeze – Strange.

Beanie Boos Forever im doing this for my sky high today. VeNuS this is how i dance in my head. Giri Aprian Fuck the sound eaaawwww is like a ghost!!!


State Of Emergency

I really like what you do I’m from Belgium, to be honest I found you with Les Twins,by them It’s like your sound was created for them You and them are one together Amazing!!! Stoneologys Stone Love Ok thanks. Yonatan Tilaye Badass shit too cool!!!!

Plus they know every part of the song that’s just how they are MimM 1: