Font Software includes upgrades, updates, related files, permitted modifications, permitted copies, and related documentation. Linotype Originals Library Linotype. Linotype Trajanus Bold Linotype. You have the rights expressly set forth in the Agreement and no other. You agree to use trademarks associated with the Font Software according to accepted trademark practice, including identification of the trademark owner’s name. By way of illustration and not by way of limitation, an electronic book or magazine distributed for a fee shall be considered a Commercial Product; a document distributed in connection with a commercial transaction in which the consideration is unrelated to such document for example, a business letter, a ticket for an event, or a receipt for purchase of tangible goods such as clothing shall not be considered a Commercial Product

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You may not embed Font Software in a Commercial Product without a separate written license from MTI, and you may not trajaanus Font Software in an electronic document or data file for any reason other than your own Personal or Internal Business Use.

Linotype Trajanus Roman Fonts

Linotype Trajanus Complete Family Pack. Desktop TTF Optimized for use in print. It is a legible font created in and has been downloadedtimes.

MTI’s mailing address is: Some jurisdictions do not permit a limitation of fojt warranties where the product results in physical injury or death so that such limitations may not apply to you. You are hereby granted a non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable except as expressly permitted herein license to access the Font Software i only in a Licensed Unit, ii only for your Personal or Internal Business Use, and iii only subject to all of the terms and conditions linotype trajanus roman font the Agreement.

Linotype Ilnotype Com Bold. Linotype Trajanus Com Roman. You have no rights to the Font Software other than as expressly set forth in the Agreement. Download the free Trajanus Roman font by Roger White.

Trademarks can only be used to identify printed output produced by the Font Software. You agree not to adapt, modify, alter, translate, convert, or otherwise change the Font Software, or to create Derivative Works from Font Software or any portion thereof. All rights not expressly granted in the Agreement are expressly reserved to MTI.


Linotype Trajanus Roman

Linotype Trajanus Bold Linotype. Font Software shall include all bitmap representations of typeface and typographic designs and ornaments created by or derived from the Font Software. You may transfer all your rights to use the Lintoype Software to another person or legal entity provided that i the transferee accepts and agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of the Agreement, and ii you destroy all copies linotype trajanus roman font the Font Software, including all copies stored in the memory of a hardware device.

If you have acquired an entire Font Software Library that is, a single license for Font Software for or more different typeface designs and you use such Font Software Library only at a single geographic location, then “Licensed Unit” shall mean up linothpe linotype trajanus roman font 20 Workstations connected to no more than two 2 printers with non-volatile memories at such geographic location. You may have other rights that vary from state to state or jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

You have the rights expressly set forth in the Agreement and no other. The Agreement will not be governed by the United Nations Convention of Contracts for linotpye International Sale of Goods, the application of which is expressly excluded.

You agree not to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Font Software, provided, however, that if you are located in a European Community member country or any other country which provides rights materially similar to the rights set forth in this proviso, you may reverse engineer or decompile the Font Software only to the extent that sufficient information is linotype trajanus roman font available for the purpose of creating an interoperable software program but only for such purpose and only to the extent that sufficient information is not provided by MTI upon written request.

If this product is acquired under the terms of a i GSA contract – use, reproduction or disclosure is subject to the restrictions set forth in the applicable ADP Schedule tont, ii DOD contract – use, duplication or disclosure by the Government is subject to the applicable restrictions set forth in DFARS Font Software includes upgrades, updates, related files, permitted modifications, permitted copies, and related documentation.


MTI warrants to you that the Font Software will perform substantially in accordance with its documentation for the ninety 90 day period following delivery of the Font Software. Choose your preferred format below.

Linotype Trajanus Roman premium font buy and download

You acknowledge that the Font Software is protected by the copyright and other intellectual property law of the United States and its various States, by the copyright and design laws of other nations, and by international treaties.

Please read all of the Agreement before you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. To make a warranty claim, you must, within the ninety 90 day warranty period, return the Font Software to the location from which you obtained it along with a copy of your receipt or, if such Font Software is acquired on-line, contact the on-line provider with sufficient information regarding your acquisition of the Font Software so as to enable MTI to verify the existence and date linotype trajanus roman font the transaction.

You agree to use trademarks associated with the Font Software according to accepted trademark practice, including identification of linotype trajanus roman font trademark owner’s name. If you have reason to believe that a recipient of an electronic document possesses the capability to edit, alter, enhance, or modify such electronic document even though you have distributed it in a format which does not permit such editing, alteration, enhancement, or modification, you shall not transmit such document to such person.

If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font. Instant downloads for 11 free Trajan fonts.

All rights in and to the Font Software, including unpublished rights, are reserved under the copyright laws of the United States and other jurisdictions.

Linotype Trajanus 7 Styles Linotype.