A limited number of users have reported this error message when processing. This is a mandatory requirement. We help you make smarter data-driven decisions. The character values to which this font is applied are being decoded as if they were in the Mac character set. Install the last version of Translation Workspace. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection”. When creating configuration files users need to be sure that the languages of the rules selected are consistent with the language of the LTB configuration file.

lionbridge xliff editor

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In order to avoid these issues, please make a copy of your input files and change any Mac fonts to any standard Windows fonts such as Arial, for example. Lionbrdge the file LTBHelper. Measure your business with reliable metrics and data against peers, competitors, and leaders to close performance gaps, increase profitability, and scale. If you encounter this issue even though you have the latest version of the Translation Workspace Client installed and you can log in to Logoport with your username and password, it is possible that eritor could be related to your firewall settings.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object. In LTB, if you need to use the Add Folder button to process folders that contain several file types, please take into account the following: In these OS, the Windows path to the Logoport template does not update until you have lxiff logged off or restarted your PC. Scale to this percentage of normal size: Get the support files and place them in the path indicated in the error message shown in LTB Log tab.


By using our website you consent to all tracking cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Remove all the instances of these files 4. This message happens when using trial versions of Office. Some users when running LTB on. liojbridge

Translation workspace xliff editor

For example, if the Spanish team uploads a configuration to the workgroup, and the French team uploads a configuration to the TM, the Spanish users of the TM will only see the French configuration, and never the Spanish one, which they should be using. They are missing values that LTB expects to find.

Please download the current version at http: Add multiple workgroups within Translation Workspace, to keep projects and assets organized – by client, by language, or by whatever attribute makes sense for your business. Some translators are having problems installing the last version of Linguistic ToolBox.

In Explorer, browse to the location of the output report, right click on the file name, select Open with and then, select Excel from the list of available programs.


Configuration files created before v. Benefit from the breadth and depth of our professional, primary market research through a simple and intuitive way to search, create, export, and apply recommendations, data, and insights. Lionbgidge this message, Linguistic ToolBox shuts down.

lionbridge xliff editor

Browse the list of available topics and descriptions to find the training options that meet your needs. Install the last version of Translation Workspace. Start working with Translation Workspace in three easy steps: Overwrite the file LSEditor. This issue is related to the Font size.

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Some users have reported an issue when trying to install LTB fromhttp: Monolingual files and Term and Punctuation. Some users when installing LTB, have encountered this error message: Successful Your request was completed. TMX files without header.

lionbridge xliff editor

This can be due to text in the input files having some Mac fonts, such as for example, ArialMT. Language variants and Loading dictionaries in version 2. Click the login link at the top of the page to access your free training. We are investigating the root cause of this issue, as a workaround please convert this file into.