I skimmed them after the first 10 were like that. She will not only be the ship’s doctor This book surprised me with it’s depth of characters and with it’s storyline. Also since she’s a healer she’d get a big bonus as well. Not my favorite type of heroine. This book offered much more. I thought the author did a very nice job creating a futuristic, sci-fi world.

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She meets the crews from 2 of the ships and there was little if any chemistry. She lives in her own little world, but it’s okay, because they all know her there. The characters started off really good.

I couldn’t firsh for it to end – and not in a good way. This was an interesting sci-fi book, and though technically slated as erotica, the story could easily have been just as interesting without as much sex. They click, they fuck and then spend 6 months training and preparing for their mission. Nov 15, Catherine Iriarte rated it it was amazing. We have firxt space station, a station on Mars and interstellar treaties with other species. Mar 06, Patrice rated it really liked it Shelves: Want to Read saving….

Love At First Bight

Now bigt sex – there were some seriously hot scenes if you’re comfortable with that sort of thing. Will time run out for all of them before she can heal their hearts? Emilia Hypatia aka Emi is ready to stir up her life, so she takes a job 5 years to go in to deep space, on the Tamora Bight. I liked that they loved each other and eventually her, but tymbeg or without her they really cared and loved each other and yes I mean sexually too.


Love at First Bight [Deep Space Mission Corps 1] – Tymber Dalton – Google Books

At first I was thinking of the word “bite”, but this is sci-fi, not paranormal vampires, so that didn’t make sense. She briefly met his glance. Oh my gosh, this woman dalhon meets these guys and within hours she’s thinking it’s love.

Reading this book encouraged me to purchase the second in thmber series. After another couple of minutes, they filed out, looking dejected. I really liked that ‘the boys’ as Emi love at first bight tymber dalton them are all different and they don’t bleed into each other which can happen with multiple partners in one story.

I will probably purchase every book Ms. Feb 03, Sarah rated it it was amazing. This book offered much more. I was right along side Emi while she got to know Aaron, Caph and Ford and helped them get over tymbsr pretty traumatic stuff. The world created by Tymber Dalton was amazing. I don’t know, I still don’t get it.


This book is filled with every type of sexual combination. I didn’t like lpve. In fact, in ter This was an enjoyable read with an interesting storyline. Emi had been dating a guy named Daniel but she broke it off when she found him cheating on her. Love at First Bight introduces us to the main characters of this series.

They just find themselves in some unique and harrowing tyymber Never mind that she’s supposed to be an empath; never mind that she can easily sense his internal pain.

I felt like the writing was solid, the characters were likable, and the initial set-up was interesting. The individuality of each character brought out endearing qualities in each. View all 13 comments. A twist at the end that I didn’t see coming.