Thanks for viewing and for your criticisms. How best to join them into a fully rigged character? And even better news If it takes over 1 or two min, something may be wrong. I thought I had found a good human disigner. MakeHuman Female Portrait Artwork.

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Phlopper Phlopper I wanna create some great looking humans in here. ,akehuman makehuman 0.9.1 rc1 very new to blender, bout three months i find it very interesting and still working makehumman developing my skills, this is very cool i wonder when it will finish.

Otherwise it should not be too long. Press M, then move the skeleton to the layer below. No images to post just yet – just dozens of renders of red ears!

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So are makehhuman other things on your list. It complains about needing a path in the script…but which one? It currently has limited functionality, such as no poses and one of its features is a cleverly modified mesh. Specular reflection only gives circular – not square – reflections.

Download makehuman 0.9 1 rc1

Looking into compositing or baking or whatever may be needed. Like many people, I am looking forward to the imminent update of MakeHuman 0.


Meta-Androcto Meta-Androcto If, for example, a female figure is being modeled, as defined by the first widget, then when the weight is increased with the makehuman 0.9.1 rc1 widget, the fat is makehuman 0.9.1 rc1 in those areas typical of a woman. Sounds like I have to find a Python script in my Blender folder, open it in a text editor, change the filepath in the script, resave it, then try importing again?

I have a LONG history with Blender – I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender the first one on the internet! I just imported to blender via Collada 1. Mkehuman not a error or bug, simply a missing feature. A bit much info to read over now, but looks like a very methodical approach. The work to date has been assisted by means of the Blender manual, tutorials, this Forum and searching the net.

Makeup will probably not rd1 applied in order to keep an ordinary, young, fresh look. MH exports the scenes in rib format and uses some Renderman compatible shaders. In any event already the current simulation allows the creation of very realistic poses.


Further changes to the model include: Also modified eyebrows, added hair, tweaked eylashes and sorted out lip glossiness control unchecked UseAlpha and CalcAlpha in Map Image. Much more to do on the hair – and skin of course. Eyebrows and eyelashes were makehuman 0.9.1 rc1 using Bezier curves and converting to mesh. PapaSmurf on December 20, In Edit mode, Vertice Select. So I just deleted it… Then the next time I just selected link verts then copied the skin and started scuplting.

Keep in mind that the last version of MakeHuman available is a release candidate. How best to join them into a fully rigged character? I would use LuxRender or Indigo except for the same reason. I thought that MH 1.

Dropped the use of SSS on skin for time being.