She speaks so many truths about life. Scared Of The Dark. No one could sing it as well as Marlisa and I definitely think and everyone else should too that she should continue this career and keep on writing amazing songs! This song is awesome, this is the meaning of herself. Well the song to me seems to be about someone like a friend of family member that’s depressed and Provide quotes to support the facts you mention. Neitherless she won the show with week after week of impressive performances showing her versatility and maturity.

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Before you get started, be sure to check out these explanations created by our users: Well the song to me seems to be about someone like a friend of family member that’s depressed and needs someone to stand by them, but that’s just my view.

It is truly wonderful and is easily my favourite song at the moment. Whoever sings this song has a great reason why they sang it. I am going to sing this on my audition for my fellow teacher, whose parents abandoned her.

I believe in God who also stands by me and you: I think it means that if marlisa punzalan stand by you is sad or depressed she will be with them in their dark times.

Why not create an account? This song shows Marlisa’s attitude before and how she was shy and now she is confident and proud to be herself.


And the pain she goes through each day is horrible. The song means not only on thing but multiple things, such as never give up on yourself or other people because they will always be there for you no matter what even when times marlisa punzalan stand by you tough. Nothing Else Matters 7. Add song structure elements. It’s sad at the start and powerful.

Marlisa – Stand By You

Mabuhay and God Bless. She used to be so shy and scared and now Create an account to credit all your contributions to your name, receive rewards, status updates and get feedback from our community. It has a true meaning and has a strong moral and meaning to it. More Marlisa Punzalan lyrics. As the lyrics goes, “I will stand by: They are basically standing by any their friends, family or anyone who are unloved.

This song reminds me the very honest words promised by a Great woman Josephine Bracken to the only man she loved most, the Great Dr Jose Rizal. Does it mean anything special hidden between the lines to you?

Tickets are now available for all shows. I like this song a lot. Corrected by Ashleigh Ellyse Phillips. I like it but some random words came marlisa punzalan stand by you and I like it because it is for my Christmas concert I am so scared for my Christmas show I am a dancer and I got 2 dance to do to that marlisa punzalan stand by you how terrible.


The melody’s great and the lyrics are rich in heavy literature. I think that this can be a love song, but because Marlisa is only 15, she says that she sings it as a song of friendship and dedication. It encourages the person who is totally broken – frustrated due the consequent failures of his efforts for peace whether in the arena of love, loss of life, job, or any emotional mental agony. This catchy song will do quite well on the charts and will open many doors for Marlisa but what her and her team need to focus on now is the next move.

I personally think it is real heartfelt and a great song.

Marlisa – Stand By You – Видео Dailymotion

Well the song to me seems to be about someone like a friend of family member that’s depressed and View 10 more explanations. Write about your feelings and thoughts about Stand By You Know what this song is about?

It’s not just some random, shallow pop with a great beat. Don’t write just “I love this song.