Gwe Wange 22, Plays. About Me Raf View my complete profile. Pastor Kiwewesi gets hitched. A source from the Mobo organising committee sent Chameleone a message informing him that he has been short-listed again for the nomination under the category of Best African Act. The car occupants had come for shopping at the mall but unfortunately my arrival was 5 minutes later than when everybody had entered the black Mercedes Benz. Miles will spin the discs, as Rafsanjan does the talking. Jose Chameleone in child row in UK.

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Atasiga Nsiggo 14, Plays.

Here on Rafshizzle blog, I do nothing but gossip and I break the news! Mama Mia 30, Plays. The Game is an mwoko member and amwoko bosom-buddy of rapper 50 Cent but they are now bitter enemies of each other. N sources have told Rafshizzle that Indian owners the Lohana Family have sold the building to Namutebi at a whopping Shs million.

This will be known soon but mawoko na mawoko is mxwoko ripe yet for public consumption. You know those DStv guys want all contestants to be revealed on their respective days of playfor surprise purposes, but well they have somewhat let the cat of the bag.


Fed Up lambastes people who pick-on others and is a hit on Capital FM whilst All Time Lover would be a perfect number for a date, just talking about a lover of all seasonsthe one who loves you in morning, afternoon and mawoko na mawoko. Kiwewesi who is in his late 30s is getting married to a year old beauty Sasha who works with Uganda Telecom.

The selling news infuriated Bakayimbira that they instantly started vandalising the building.

Sweet Mama 24, Plays. Time check was 2 p. Nkwagala Nnyo 17, Plays.

Strange: Chameleone Responds To Bebe Cool By Listing His Top Songs

His debut album Namagembe was released in and picked in late but stayed a record three years on the chart shows and distributor Mawkoo reckons it as the best-selling local album ever.

Mbawe Mbawe 8, Plays. Nsimye Gwe 10, Plays. Omukisa Gwo 15, Plays. Instrumental Mama Mia 45, Plays.

Mawoko na mawoko free download

Only You 13, Plays. Kwesto Nsiggo Blakk 6, views. And he explains that she prefers to stay home and avoid the rich men who could inveigle her. However, it seems the pastor has been trying mawoko na mawoko keep the big news on the hush-hush for various reasons. I happened to know that she wanted to know the condition of the baby in the womb however, I remain puzzled to this day about who exactly was the man I saw in her car that was left in the parking lot.


Posted by Raf at 2: Moto Moto 17, Plays.

Mawoko na mawoko | Song | Free Download | Free Music, Listen Now

Sanyu Lyange 27, Plays. Called the Duk Lost Boys Clinic, the facility will serve upwards ofpeople. King Saha 5, views. Mich Egwang, Banker and 26 contestants Showing on: I always recognise the sources of my stories.

Kwa Ajili Yako 25, Plays. Friday, March 16, Angelina hooks Vietnamese boy.

Rafshizzle: March

mawokoo What about singing a song and it does for you what you sing about in it? Jose Chameleone won the Pam Award back-to-back and now he is set to get a nod for Mobo Awards in a similar fashion.

This is a timeless album.