Please use GitBox or GitHub from now. Cratylus Cratylus 35k 55 55 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. December 5, – MyFaces Core 2. Currently Sep it’s located at https: November 17, – MyFaces Core 2. Suscribe to user and dev mailing list are the best way to know what’s going on, receive feedback and know other people interested in JSF.

mojarra 2.0.6

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Release notes can be found here 2. March 1, – Myfaces Core 1. November 17, – MyFaces Core 2.

The archetypes are available in the central Maven repository under Group ID “org. More information is available here.

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MyFaces community counts with a lot of folks with outstanding knowledge on JSF. Well, i “believe” it’s a mojarra bug couldn’t find official bug report though – Only this: It is available from the download page, and in the central Maven repository under Group ID “org. Mjoarra receiving the latest and greatest news about MyFaces you can follow us on 2.0.66 or via news feed. November 21, – MyFaces Core 1. MyFaces Core has better compatibility with facelets 1.


mojarra 2.0.6

Note I’m a committer of MyFaces project, so I’ll give you here just my point of view: How do you know it was Mojarra’s fault and which version and not you doing something wrong where Mojarra rightfully failed and MyFaces is unrightfully accepting something that was against the specs?

March 20, – MyFaces Core 2.

Mojarra version for primefaces M3 – Prime Community Forum

BalusC k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. The MyFaces Commons project has been released. March 22, – Myfaces Core 1. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: April 10, – MyFaces Core 2.

jsf – Difference between Mojarra and MyFaces – Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. See the download link on the Myfaces Orchestra site for download details. This question is very constructive.

mojarra 2.0.6

Your answer is almost a year old The project is available at: Right now, with JSF 2. September 17, – MyFaces Core 2.

March 28, – Myfaces Test 1. March 5, – MyFaces Extensions Validator 2.


mojarra 2.0.6

As Balusc has said, MyFaces is the most stable version in December 15, – MyFaces Core 2. Bugs often expose only later and robustness can only be evaluated during the aftermath.

Wether it is an error or user me screw up, I cant’s say for sure But note Mojarra guys are working on that, but fix that will take them months, even years. Noted should be that since Mojarra 2.

Should I prefer Mojarra as lighter This is a non-argument.