This is the screen below that you will see when your Motorola Radius is programming. First write down the codeplug-Checksum: You can untick the checkbox, which would turn off the buffering completely, but that does not seems to have any effect on this problem so far. You also going to need a good rib. Leave this field empty. Your default text editor will open with the DOSBox conf file. Enter your search terms.

motorola radius gp300 programming software

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I tied a knot round the connector on the board to stop radiuz being pulled off the board. If i do the same in DosBox following your instructions, navigate to the directory, run i20r.

You should see a welcome screen that tells you to push any button, and then the following screen below. We already discussed what cables worked for me. Is there a windows based programmnig software for these units? Enjoy repeater use with the nice GPT vy73 mike on6jf.

Instant Download: Motorola Radius GP Programming Software – Radiotronics

By RadEng posted Motorolq 19th7: It will give you a warning that the port was opened by another application, and may have an unpredictable effect on the other application. Search Downloads Search Use inverted comas to refine your search. MaxTrac Trunked Mobile Radio.


If you find an error in this or any other listing please let us know via the comment section for the appropriate download. Remove the front of radio and the bottom cover and lift off the RF shield. Any software Radiotronics provides will remain the property of the manufacturer prorgamming, whilst mottorola are free to use it to configure your radio or device, you will NOT own the software.

Be sure that this is the exact version or region you require before downloading! Cable for Professional series.

Motorola GP Programming Software – HamFiles

I have prorgamming of these radios and wish to tune them all in to work together and would like to change some of the settings on them, im running windows 7 I tried downloading this file but they are in a cabinet file and I cant open them. Why is this file missing from Windows in the first place?

motorola radius gp300 programming software

I did order a programming cablf withe the serial plug off of eBay but I think it was one of the cheaper ones. Looking to buy a Motorola s…. How long milliseconds to delay received data if the interface is not ready.


As you cannot see the PL-tones in the general Channel freq-list table moforola in other sw: Persistence is the key to success. By JSB24 posted August 13th3: You also going to need a good rib.

Motorola Radius GP300 Programming Software

The cable is probably the problem. It would seem that these motorola radios program via a dos only machine. Trending, Go300 7 days No.

Also, an older pc works best especially like a P1 or P2. Here is the main screen. Not sure what else to try.

motorola radius gp300 programming software

I did what Clifford above did and ordered the same cable he did from Amazon. Joseph Neale on September 18, at 6: This can be accomplished by checking radiua Device Manager.

motorola radius gp300 programming software

Interesting how this D February 6th5: I followed your advice and also was now able to program both of the radios I have with no problems or issues. CP50; GP68 only adjusting, no programming frequency