The Disappearing Spoon is the most complete, with more elements and much more about the creation of the Periodical Table, and Uncle Tungsten is much more personal and anecdotal. These salt deposits must be mined out of the earth. Publisher’s Summary Napoleon’s Buttons is the fascinating account of 17 groups of molecules that have greatly influenced the course of history. This white powder became known as guncotton. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and Katherine McCormick were the driving force behind the legalization of the pill and illegally smuggled birth control in to the US for thousands of women. Rock salt is the dried remains of of old oceans or seas.

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Napoleon’s Buttons

It is also a very effective method of collecting salt in any climate. The structure of silk forms a pleated pattern. Brine springs are underground solutions of eboo concentrated solutions of salt, often times 10 times more concentrated than seawater.

A change as small as the position of an atom can lead to enormous alterations in napoleons buttons ebook buytons of a substance-which, in turn, can result in great historical shifts. The idea, at the end of the chapter is this: In the s, hospitals were filthy. More from the same Narrator: It may have warded off fleas. The Disappearing Spoon is the most complete, with more elements and much more about the creation of the Periodical Table, and Uncle Tungsten is much more personal and anecdotal.

For example, the decline of the Roman Empire, the discovery of America, and the riots of the French Revolution; that’s just a few of a host of historical events profoundly touched by one molecule or another.

Napoleon’s Buttons: How 17 Molecules Changed History by Penny Le Couteur

It is not a chemistry book, but some knowledge of chemistry is helpful But even without that knowledge and I am not a chemist other than chemistry that involves ethyl alcoholthe reader can understand why certain compounds, chemicals, and elements enfluenced events through time.


This books takes a somewhat disjointed ride through how seventeen loosely defined classes of molecules changed world history. A chemical that led to photography and the movie industry, rayon, and cellophane as well as the Industrial Revolution and the American Civil War.

Wish one of the authors would have read this book Napoleon’s Buttons is a well written book for a popular audience about the influence of organic chemistry napoleons buttons ebook organic compounds on human history — how rare is that!

Another unlikely use for cellulose, napoleons buttons ebook the use of it in cotton clothing, is that it can be used as an explosive molecule. Glucose slavery and sugar cultivation, artificial sweeteners 4.

It’s a buy for me if only for its possibilities for conflicts for a book series I’m working on! But it was also a stupid military move. Silk was first discovered by the Chinese in c. So Napoleon’s men could not buttonz their coats buttoned and froze to death faster. I can at napoleons buttons ebook understand how the chemical compounds might be difficult, napoleons buttons ebook Google will tell you how to pronounce Arrhenius. At glanced it was very promising but in the end it just fell short.

Also, me being me, I was searching a bunch of historical moments mentioned and well, even though it would left me amazed if something happened because of something simple based on science back in the days like Napoleon losing the war because of loose buttons on every soldier for example well, yeah.


Napoleon’s Buttons

As one can see, the symptoms of alkaloid ingestion are very similar to a substance induced high and is the probabal cause of the napoleons buttons ebook witch’s believe that she actually was a witch. This golden oil was always the foundation upon which the post-classical Mediterranean societies based napoleons buttons ebook their economic prosperity on, and this beloved oil was at the heart of their culture.

The same bundling and twisting of the cellulose molecule is required to make textile fibers also. Opium, and its alkaloid counterparts, are produced from the poppy plant left. Guncotton was found to be highly unstable and extremely sensitive, an inconvenient property when talking about explosives.

Buftons this was the first time it felt like anything I have read about chemistry ‘clicked. The naoleons molecules glucose, fructose, and galactose each “fit” to a chemical receptor in our napileons I teach high school biology and physical science. The sailors wanted meat. Most people are aware of Louis Pasteur and his contribution, Jenner and napolelns vaccine, but there is also Lister’s carbolic acid and the benefits of coal tar and how it led to the antiseptic operating room.

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Dyes German dye companies What drew me to the book, recommended to me by Max H. However, ethylene glycol, which is found in anti-freeze, contains a similar structure and would also make it taste sweet.