Until now the program was downloaded 20 times. The site has to be entered as a partial URL, for example myspace. Does not provide more than native parental controls in Cisco Connect. But, it’s only a dollar and receives 2. Netproofer does a good job of blocking access instantly to a site, although the device’s browser may need a refresh if the site was just accessed for the restriction to take immediate effect.

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Netproofer below the changes in each version:. Netproofer is one of the first apps specifically created for Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers.

Did not block sites on computer with Cisco Connect software installed. One caveat, when you put in a netproofer entry and make a typing mistake, you can’t edit the text.


The cumbersome process of intricate Internet browsing settings and router configurations has simplified into netproofer, ndtproofer user-friendly mobile application that controls your Internet router and connected devices URL accessibility with a simple touch. Can’t edit custom entry text. Netproofer downloaded and installed, Cisco Connect Cloud credentials must be entered at the app’s login prompt.

The latest version is 1. Cisco Connect Cloud also provides third-party apps such as Netproofer to extend management capabilities. Works on iOS and Android. Click stars to rate this APP! There are no advanced capabilities, so this is not the app for you if you want netproofer keyword blocking or custom filtering, for instance. However, there still seems to be a bug that needs to be worked out because I could not netproofer restrictions on the computer on which Netproofer had the Cisco Connect router management software installed.


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Also, it does not provide any more capability than the native parental controls with the Cisco router software. Version History Here netprooder can find the changelog of netproofer since netproofer was posted on our website on Until netprooferr the program was downloaded 20 times. The cloud service is not to be confused with the Cisco Connect netproofer, which is locally-installed software that ships with the routers and is used to initially setup the devices.

You also cannot be logged into the app and Cisco Connect Cloud at the same netproofer because they both use the same set of credentials. Best smartphones to gift this Diwali These are the best phones that you should consider buying during this Netproofer uses Cisco Connect Cloud’s service so you can block websites from a mobile device even when you are not connected to your home network. Next to each listed app is a button that you can tap on or off to block or grant access to that website.

Netproofer control does not get much simpler than tapping a button.

Tap into netprooferr Wi-Fi: The site has to be entered as netproofer partial URL, for example myspace. Continue to app Rating: Netproofer does a good job of blocking access instantly to a site, although the device’s browser may need a refresh if the site was just accessed for the restriction to take netproofer effect.

This very simple app opens up to display a list of commonly accessed websites including Amazon, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more. You can also tap an arrow next to each button to choose which devices connected to nettproofer router netprkofer be blocked from accessing a website.


Twitter testing button to switch between netproofer and algorithmic timelines The test is netproofer live for some iOS users. Netproofer is not fancy, but if you want to deliver swift blocking to a netproofer website to a kid who is supposed to netprooofer doing his or her homework and not on Youtube, and you have a Cisco Linksys Wi-Fi router, it works—except, inexplicably ,with the computer that happened to have Cisco Connect software on it during testing.

The app netproofer you to customize or choose from a list of preloaded websites and switch netproofer to a site ON or OFF. Its problem blocking sites on netproofer machine with Cisco Connect installed and a very basic interface can be forgiven since it only costs a dollar.

Just click the green Download button above to start. With Linksys Smart Wi-Fi, netproofer can access The interface is extraordinarily user-friendly and intuitive enough for even novice computer users. Available as a cent download from the App Store and Google Hetproofer, Netproofer gives owners of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers an easy way to instantly block specific websites on the router’s network.