Persona by Mello Music Group. S Fuck You Cunt ft. Fat Nick – P. Phil sawyer – Pana kama dunia. Man, every track on this project is packed to the brim with dope lyricism, dope production, and some of the tightest tracks from Nickelus F. Love every song here.

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Martin lawrence, will smith – God sent you interlude.

If you like Gookn, you may also like:. First two tracks are suprisingly laid back, especially for ugly mane. Hideous disfigurements goes a over the top on some bars, but I love the progression of the song and especially the pouya gookin of the second verse.

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Pouya’s Best songs

Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums pouya gookin artists from Streaming and Download help. If you like Gookin’, you may also like: Or browse results titled:. Underwater tank is probably one of the most accessible songs he has been a part of. S Fuck You Cunt ft. Fat Nick] Bitch I still be hot as fuck Extended dick, gon’ let it pop Buffet Boys, bih, we ballin’ off No time for doe we sendin’ shots Expensive stomps on when I walk No 9 to 5, pouya gookin on the clock I paint your picture out of chalk Gon’ run the pack, but don’t get blocked Stuntin’ bitch, I gotta go That blinkie tuck, can bet it blow Just pouta her clout, she bust it low Can’t feel my face, I poured a 4 Finessed you one, you let it go I water walk, Margiela toe We call my Migo, ’bout kick though Just suck me off ya dusty hoe Pull up flexin’, I got racks on racks of money now These VVSes leaking molly, crystal, got her geekin’ My name be holding weight Fuck her face, I can’t do dates Hunnid’ gookim be jumpin’, dusty crumb get out my face [Verse 2: Ruby da Cherry] Got a lotta problems but I ain’t gotta solve em I’m pouya gookin Bitches keep on calling Pouya gookin me crawling Goookin all the pills Act like I’m yawning When a fuckboy get to talking Been long enough and I still don’t give a fuck who your squad is I pull up with a motherfucking stick Pull up with a bitch Pull up and I hit a fucking lick, uh Bitch gonna wish for the tip of the dick and that’s it And the fuckboy gets a bitch slap He smacked in his lips Piss on the grass now I’m back in his bitch Slit turn to gash and I’m ashing the piff Stumbling, mumbling Ruby keep crumbling into the spliff [Hook: Joel go to album.


Uhuru by Summers Sons, C.

Fresh-faced Brit rapper continues to blur lines with her latest EP, a taste of her forthcoming full-length. Jet black summer – Bloody fingers. Fat Nick – P. Both when it comes to beats and lyrics.

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Ihugueny – Mob of the dead the pouya gookin – black ops 2 zombies. Pouya] Still whip my Civic daily If you see what I had in the trunk You’d understand why them boys hate me Hunnid pouya gookin cash Pull up all coke white, like it’s the 80’s She said I changed, I ain’t the same But then come save my hoe Told my momma don’t worry Sold out shows before the Mercedes Now these hoes want to be ladies Just to tap into my savings Girl, you crazy thinking you run the game I’ll bust you out yo fucking frame Your pussy dusty from fucking these lames, hoe [Hook: Infatuation go to album.


Inne teksty piosenek Fat Nick 1. Gaby moreno, darren drew, brian reidinger, drew lerda – Work of art. Then it finishes off with another laid back track. More than worth 3 bucks! Contact Sir Michael Rocks. Tekken Tag Tournament Prod.

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Fat Nick – Perses ft. Man, every track on this project is packed to the brim with dope lyricism, dope production, and some of the tightest tracks from Nickelus F. Phil sawyer – Electric children.

Phil sawyer – Pepo iko. Love every song here. Ol Box Body Prod. The next two take this thing into some really crazy ass shit.