Why do you insist on working with PPJoy and vJoy on the same machine. My driver replaces this old driver Developed for W2K if i’m not mistaken. This is the content of the “vJoyInstall. Hello Shaun Thank your for the information provided. Continuing my previous post.

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Please let me know what you found. Board Categories support – Help – Discussion. Error 50 is a consequence of ppjoy install vJoy after PPJoy. I’m not sure if that bat file is used during the ppojy phase. I finally managed to repair the computer using a restore from a previous version PNG there is a screenshot 5.

I’m going to restart the computer because there are no real sings the installation failed. Adding information The administrator has disabled public write access.

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Installing PPJoy on Windows 7 (Win7 / Win 7)

I tend to agree with you. Also in file reinstall. Continuing my previous post. The ppjoy branch cannot cohabit with PPJoy. Use a virtual machine where you have p;joy installed vJoy before. This is what I did. If something interesting arises I will let you know.

Now the situation is that the installer failed to install.

Hopefully we ppjoy use a signed virtual joystick driver and fix existing bugs in PPJoy using vJoy. Does this forums works Ppjoy Anyhow, I don’t see the point in it as you say that you get error 50 with it too. I hope this information can help you.

vJoy Forum: Installation fails if you already have PPJoy insta (1/2)

PNG there is a screenshot. Ppjoy ‘s a better and tested one. I’mm not sure the problem relies with vJoy. This is the content of the “vJoyInstall. It does not cohabit. Anyway, there’s a printout of this part in the log file. There was a bug in the ppjoy. It seems to be something to do with PPJoy. You can then apply filters to see what’s going on. It looks like I did not properly post my answer here!


Then I said to ppioy But cannot find the exact reason why. There is just one driver not signed installed. Hey, this is not my ppjoy.