The gas used to cycle the rifle reduces subsonic muzzle velocity. Of course the best way to check firearms cartridge loads are actual proof test measurements at certified test facilities. For bolt action rifles you can use a faster powder for more powder burn and less muzzle pressure and noise. Retrieved from ” https: QuickLOAD is an internal ballistics predictor computer program for firearms. Guns of the Week. Use fired brass not resized , weigh the case empty in grains, then fill it with water to just below the rim, tap gently to dislodge air bubbles, then fill it until the water level just bulges above the rim.

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QTU Lapua Edition – Resources | Nammo Lapua | Ballistics Software | Radar data

Compare Maximum Chamber Quickharget to Pmaxthe maximum allowable pressure for the selected cartridge. Apple Mac OS version is not available. If wind conditions direction and speed are known, wind drift can also be calculated. Chamber Pressure in psi. QuickLOAD shows a gas port pressure of at 7 inches so use that quicktaeget as a guide when searching for subsonic powders that will cycle a semi-auto rifle.

AR gas ports are 4 inches down the barrel for a pistol, 7″ for a carbine and 9″ for a mid-length rifle. For other Lapua bullets, traditional Ballistic coefficient B. The software will calculate e. QuickLOAD has a default database of predefined quicktarget, cartridges and propellants. For bolt quicktargwt rifles quicktarget can use quicktarget faster powder for more powder burn and less muzzle pressure and noise.


You may not reproduce original text or photos without advanced permission quicktarget writing. Data can later be imported or entered by qyicktarget user to expand the programs database. Change the Cartridge Length input and run the table again. Such wildcat cartridges have no official quicktarget nor other performance related specifications.

Add, Change, Load, Save.

By using this site, you agree to quicktarget Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If qhicktarget bullet is not listed see Search bullets of same diameter below.

QTU Lapua Edition

Federal used a 24 inch barrel with a 1: It’s a good idea to measure quicktarget Maximum Case Capacity, overflow and input this quicktargeh in the Cartridge Dimensions window to make QuickLOAD’s calculations quicktarget reliable—this is especially true for subsonic loads. The quickktarget thing to consider when developing subsonic loads for AAC Blackout is whether the ammo is for a bolt action rifle, semi-auto or both.

All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from Qhicktarget Articles with permanently dead external links Pages using Infobox quixktarget with unknown parameters. With the QTU Program, as starting values, quicktarget need only bullet type and muzzle velocity add windspeeds if known. It fires heavy up to grhigh BC.


Maximum Chamber Pressure in pounds-per-square-inch and bar. AA will cycle AR carbines with their gas port at 7 inches down the barrel. To comment quicktarget a post, click Post Title or “Comment” Link.

Numerical quicktarget shown in the illustrations are supplied qicktarget demonstration purposes only. This value can be critical when developing subsonic loads. You can change your load by clicking quicktarget the chart’s margins. Search quicktarget of same caliber. QTU Lapua Edition brochure. It’s designed to help you find suitable powders for your loads. This change in case capacity greatly affects pressure and velocity.

Projectile quicktarget in inches down the barrel. You can check predicted pressures with different powder choices and seating depths before loading an actual round.

Select your bullet from the drop-down list.

Quicktarget operated semi-auto rifles need a nominal amount of gas pressure at the gas port to cycle the action.