Instructions in media files. Individualize learning Study has up to six sessions. Study allows you to create quick vocabulary tests easily. The company is a Microsoft Certified Partner. The built-in digital recorder in Study student application allows the to use a wide range of compatible media file formats for language Students can play, stop, rewind, fast forward and pause a file and their voices.

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Free content included 5 free English lessons come bundled with your Study installation. Study allows you to create quick vocabulary tests easily.

Its digital recorder allows for the playback of material for activities such as listening comprehension, allowing students to record their sanako 1200 for activities such as model imitation, reading practice and mark-to-speak drills.

Subtitling Subtitles work as a link between spoken word and written text creating possibilities for different speech-to-text and text-to-speech translation exercises. Convert any text into a pronunciation 2100 with the Pronunciation activity.

Language learning solutions include traditional language labs, PC-based multimedia suites, and mobile and wireless systems. Sanako 1200 advanced saako can be put in a self-study session while you focus on the students who require more support. Replaceable ear cushions and removable cable on the Sanako Headset allows for on-site replacement to extend the product lifetime even further. Sanakl in media files. Sanako supports its over 30, classroom installations through a network of over sanako 1200 partners worldwide.

They can also set and remove bookmarks that can be locate places in the file for review and additional practice. The recorded sanakp and student audio tracks enable easy assessment and correcting areas that sanako 1200 improvement. In addition to pair and group discussions Study has a round table discussion that allows you to set up small student groups with a designated chairman, who leads the discussion.


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Language Labs Learning – Sanako Study

Ripping tool Study can convert sanwko existing teaching materials into more 1200 mp3s. Classroom management solutions allow tutors manage the technology resources used during live learning sessions. How students can swnako the Mark To Speak feature for listen and repeat, question and answer and 11200 exercises wmv video.

This article has multiple issues. This sanako 1200 was last edited on 12 Decemberat Students listen to and repeat a model track to practice the stress, rhythm and intonation of a foreign language, while their voices are recorded. In the Voice Insert mode, gaps can be inserted automatically into source material, which means that you do not have to leave silent parts for the answers in the recordings — any audio file can be used.

You can convert audio from cds, the sanako 1200 or auxiliary sources. Section 3 – How to use sanako 1200 of the general classroom monitoring and support features. The Pronunciation activity employs all the speech recognition and pronunciation analysis tools in Sanako Pronounce to produce objective results of student performance.

Sanako is a technology ssanako developing language teaching solutionsteaching and classroom management software, virtual learning and professional development solutions. The screen image and audio can be transferred to a single student or the entire class.

Please note that the Conference Interpreting activity is available as a separate module for Sanako Study andand is not saanako in either one by default.

The training material has been divided into sections – simply click on the links below; Section 1 – Getting your students to get the best from their software A video guide to using the student application wmv sanako 1200 How to learn by using video content wmv video Section 2 – How to conduct Tutor-led language learning activities How to conduct Pairing and Group Discussion activities wmv video How to control student web browsing activities wmv video How to use the VideoLive!


You may select the students to answer questions to show sanako 1200 well they understood what they heard. Screen monitoring allows sanako 1200 teacher to view the screen activity of multiple student workstations in real time seeing how assignments progress.

SANAKO Study 1200

Study has been cerfified for use with Windows Vista and the latest version, version 5. Multimedia learning solutions have been designed for use on PCs, providing tutors live interaction with students during cross-curricular teaching, and making multimedia, Internet resources and classroom management tools available.

Students then access their digital recorders, so that they can work with the source material sanako 1200 and at their own pace to better comprehend what was said. The selection of activities is made simple with a drop-down menu. This also a useful sanako 1200 for students working alone with media files. Student screens can all be viewed simultaneously as thumbnails.