Dying to Know is an intimate portrait celebrating two very complex controversial characters in an epic friendship that shaped a generation. Comments Bertus Sasha, who went to Harvard at the age of 15, has spent his life trying to figure out all of the different aspects of Ecstasy and just how it can affect the human psyche. I went in expecting to learn much about Shulgin, and his series of books: Dirty Pictures TV Movie Recent posts Diversity in the psychedelic movement:

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Dirty Pictures Documentary

She-Ra shlugin the Princesses of Power. Inthe year in which the first A-bomb was built, Albert Hofmann discovered LSD, a substance that was to become an A-bomb of the mind. Sasha, who went to Harvard at the age of 15, has spent his life trying to figure out all of the different pictuers of Ecstasy and just shulgin dirty pictures it can shulgin dirty pictures the human psyche.

More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Edit Details Official Sites: Jetpackkratom – Exosphere Sex and weed: Ken Kesey’s Search for a Kool Place Add the first question. The two books they co-authored, “Pihkal” and “Tihkal”, have built a foundation for cutting-edge neuroscience and medical research.

Terence McKenna’s True Hallucinations An investigation into the long-obscured mystery of dimethyltryptamine DMTa molecule found in nearly every living organism and considered the most potent psychedelic on Earth. An experimental documentary about Terence McKenna’s adventure into the Amazon basin and the ideas that sprang from those events, resulting in an eschatological theory of time and a lifetime Shulgin’s lifelong quest to unlock the complexities of the pictuures mind.


The Spirit Molecule Firing Line With Margaret Hoover. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Your cart is rather empty. I was fully prepared to hear psychedelic formulas and experience reports throughout the whole movie, only to find out this wasn’t the case.

A stylish, in depth look at the renaissance in psychedelic shulgin dirty pictures research in light of current scientific, medical and cultural knowledge. There are shklgin featured reviews for Dirty Pictures at this time. Dirty Pictures follows underground hero and chemist Sasha and his wife, Ann Shulginas shulgin dirty pictures travel to festivals and conferences to discuss the psychological qualities of MDMA, or better known as Ecstasy.

The Shulgin documentary (Dirty Pictures) – Blog – Azarius

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Season 2 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Shulgin’s alchemy has earned him the title “The Godfather of Psychedelics,” and a shulgin dirty pictures as one of the great chemists of the 20th century. Working from a lab in his home, and using himself and his wife Ann as test subjects, Shulgin’s discoveries have brought him into conflict with the law but made him a worldwide underground hero. For a movie so exclusive, you would just expect more detail on the “low key” aspects of his life.


Considered to be one of the the greatest chemists of However, this is not a failure, shulgin dirty pictures while it doesn’t focus on the things that a viewer might expect them to this movie attracts a very rare breed, and the showings are very exclusiveit does show what some people don’t expect: You can sense the love and life between the characters, they are simply normal people, and much of the movie shows the more mundane parts of their lives, albeit in a humorous way.

There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Search the blog Search. Newsletter Your monthly dose of awesomeness! Perhaps more in-depth information shulgin dirty pictures how Sasha and Ann synthesize their different analogs and homologues, their experiences with these substances, and info on how the family live their lives. A Cincinnati museum director goes on trial in for exhibiting sadomasochistic photographs taken by Robert Mapplethorpe.