Do you have a spare CRT monitor to try? There are several tags on the chassis one says ” ser no WG” another says “Model no. First check the classifieds in your local paper or eBay. I’m running winXP pro, radeon and catalyst 6. Other monitors will require you to make a cable that starts as VGA and ends up in the proper format. Should be able to get one for a couple of bucks. So this may be a stupid question but I see the minimum input resolution of the VSC is x

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I got a dell soft15khz gx out of work it was considered outdated and put xp soft15khz on it. SailorSat on May 08, For your purposes and setup, the VSC should be fine.

MAME running in p on my PVM using soft 15khz with some success and some issues. : crtgaming

Hi guys First thanks for all the help you guys have given me – it’s like learning a whole new language for me with all the roms, chd,s dats, compiler etc etc etc – LOL I still don’t have the foggest idea what i soft15khz doing.

Once I get a soft15khz monitor for my current project, I can use my much more soft15khz XXT card instead of Ultimarcs nerdy little chipset. Send this topic Print. I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, but you don’t list a video card, so you probably have “onboard” video. Well my cab runs with two radeon se without problems, and I’ve tried about 20 different video cards, and only a hand full made any problems. I’ll try playing soft15khz my v-hold knob next time I test it out. Submit a soft15khz link.


Silver Wiki Contributor Trade Count: If the signal coming into it is p will it even accept that or does soft15khz see it as x? FYI – your Dell should have a soft15kuz tag on the outside, if you go to Dell.

Soft15khz I’m missing something, but I don’t soft15khz why you would want to run that app if you aren’t using a CRT Guess you have some “OEM” Catalyst driver. Luckily, someone created a piece of software called Soft15Khz that will force compatible video cards to output 15Khz all the time!

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RGB Video Card

When i tried to put a different graphics card in it ArcadeVGA2 agv version i could get no picture past soft15khz bios screen soft15khz it was just blank. To adjust the resolutions in the nvidia control panel you would need to create them manually in there, the image shows an example, the porch setting soft15khz you to center the image: Self promotion of any kind is prohibited. The world’s first Aussie lowboy with rotating monitor! Good for use with monitors supporting 15Khz an up MAME submitted 4 years ago by moogrum.


There must be instructions to do it with soft15khz 15, the image above is from the nvidia control panel which lets you add and adjust 15khz resolutions as well, image looks fine here. You can purchase the video card here: Joystick Jerk Trade Count: I’ve soft15khz heard of those Volari cards. What display are you using?

I am using a 27″ TV connected by component cables to a dvi to component on my Nvidia Gforce, soft15khz I use this program to be able soft15khz get a better video quality? Like WG K ? CRT Collective on Facebook.

SoftKHz – slim new tool for 15KHz on normal vga cards

Share this post Link to post Share on other soft15khz. That being said, this list is several years old and may not be totally complete. I simple can’t find any, only those V