There is an issue with BlackBerry World. Open topic with navigation. Automatically or manually synchronize your data files e. To create your Connection Profile: Display your BlackBerry in real-time on either a projector or web presentation via your PC to create efficient and professional presentations to train and educate. To access BlackBerry World from the desktop, your browser must support cookies.

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The first time you open Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry on your mobile phone or if your BlackBerry rebooted at the end of the device agent installation, you will see the following pop-up: Your review has been submitted. Built with award-winning technology, our new and improved version for BlackBerry devices offers users a combination of remote control, presentation and synchronization tools!

Enhance your Blackberry experience by using the screen and keyboard of your desktop computer to BBM with your friends. Have a touchscreen monitor? The instructions cojtroller this two-part installation process are given below. Use your desktop PC with your monitor, keyboard and mouse soti pocket controller blackberry quickly and accurately interact with your BlackBerry to enter text and transfer data.

Please ensure that all fields are entered correctly. Browse the file system of controler PC and BlackBerry simultaneously. SOTI’s Download Protection Service allows you to recover your purchased software application files for up to three years after initial purchase.


This can be done via a USB or Wireless connection. You have already submitted a controllsr for this item. Prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and administration fees. How to find your Model. If the device agent was installed using the SOTI website or barcode then you will have the option to set the permissions at the time of download.

If you wish to apply a specific skin, select Cojtroller Configure Skin and choose the skin that you would like to use. There are 4 ways to start the connection between the Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry and the mobile phone:.

Defined new procedure, strategy soti pocket controller blackberry the smooth flow of business. Content that is generally recognized as appropriate only for or that is legally restricted to persons at least the age of majority in their region. In order to use this feature the BlackBerry must have a barcode scanning feature. The steps below assume that Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry has already been installed on skti mobile phone.

Protect yourself against the variety of circumstances blackberyr can cause you to lose your soti pocket controller blackberry Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry by default will automatically detect the mobile phone and apply the appropriate skin when the Skin option is selected.

Stoi is the world’s most trusted provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, with more than 17, enterprise customers and millions of soti pocket controller blackberry managed blackbetry. If you are experiencing difficulties connecting to your BlackBerry, please refer to the instructions for connecting to your BlackBerry. Built to keep you moving, apps and games with the Built for BlackBerry designation provide the seamless performance and integrated experience you’ve come to love.


For more information please visit our website www.

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Share a link to this item with your friends and show them how they can personalize their BlackBerry smartphones. The computer on which you store your software application files crashes. Focus for sales target in H2 FY We will provide you with contorller download link.

Open topic with navigation. Please ensure all fields are entered correctly.

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Look for the Built for BlackBerry badge to identify apps and games that deliver the signature BlackBerry 10 experience. If more than one connection profile has been configured and a default profile has not been specified, Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry will display a list of the configured connection profiles for you to select one. Stream Linning of Current business.