Can a player hit out that is behind the baseline? You hold “up” or “down” also all the way through the serve. HughJars Banned Apr 14, The graphical look is simple, but I wouldn’t call it bad. Do you need a quick computer to play this game? The winrar worked and extracted the mod file correctly and everything is working. The sooner you start holding it the more spin the serve will have.

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HughJars Banned Apr 10, This Game is awesome. Online is much more sensitive, meaning you will have to aim for less time then you do offline. Stopped playing this game.

Mana Games • ITST Online Mod v. – 19/03/

Inform me about anything that might have went on with your matches BEFORE tennis elbow itst mod 1.08, otherwise, decisions won’t be changed. Both players have to use the Test 1. Don’t get put off by that, you will quickly realize that fast aiming IS better, it always you to hit better shots on the run and when you have little time to prepare. Just checked this out. Downloaded this newer version and it still doesnt work. This patch is mandatory for all US Open participants. Then copy all the content to root folder of TE: Users browsing this forum: The sooner you start holding it the more spin the serve will have.


Great game to play. I can make it offline.

I suck at this game I’m playing on Junior difficulty and my win loss record is something like 2 wins and 7 losses. Is there some exhibition mode where you can pick any players? Our apologies for this course of action.

Start holding the shot button and keep holding through the whole animation, until after the serve is made. How mof you activate the game with the key? Hope this makes it easier for real newcomers to Tennis Elbow Does anyone know how people are making these Fed-Berdych, Nadal-Djoko videos from the game? Holding serve is way too hard. Forums New posts Search forums.

If so, you can tune their global serve power to balance better according your tastes. How do you use the pro tennks, are they only in the world tour? Thanks for your help. Hard to get accustomed to, but gives you ultimate control without potability of errors in shot selection. HughJars Banned Apr 14, Short shots both regular and acceleration are the hardest to execute, you have to be in near perfect position.


The default scoreboard position should fit most widescreen resolutions. You can basically create new courts, player outfits and rackets, and most importantly – Animations.

Tennis Elbow ITST Mod 1.08 – US Open 2012 – Djokovic / Federer 4-6 7- 6 6-4 7-6

But this game definitely surpasses that. Thread 1.008 djarvik Start date Sep 5, Thanks for the links! You can download a mod from link below.