They are okay but better free delay and EQ plugins are out there. This is a maintainance update that mainly resolves issues related to TSE samplerate and offline processing. The Axe Fx tracks and the DI’s were provided by the band Karybdis as part of their mixing competition a few months ago. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Intro to Home Recording with Zach Varnell.

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Finn is the producer tes CreativeLive’s audio channel. SinMix Metal Pack for X5. Hi, Pack is ready with an introducing price 9.

Posted July 16, King-Pong – Pong and asymmetric stereo delay. Posted July 14, TSE X50 is one such piece of software that tries to take upon itself the role of a guitar tse x50. The sonic differences between v1 and v2 are huge in my opinion. His work gave me more ideas and I ended up adding a IR loader.

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TSE AUDIO – Software

What are the sonic differences between v1 and v2? The new algorithms made the sound warmer also. It reacts like a hardware-tuner and the user feedback on it is great!


They are my simple go to for my lower end stuff. You need to be a rse in order to leave a comment. Download tse x50 read the manual for more info here. I think the pack will be ready next week. One thing my computer appreciates is the plugin is tse x50 on the CPU than most other amp sims.

Download Free Guitar amp plug-in: TSE X50 by TSE

Please login or register. Many famous sounds by Steve Morse or John Petrucci are possible now at my home-studio.

I especially like the Rosen Digital IRs. D is emulating a well known bass processing unit.

Hey, obviously having two guitars playing a similar riff, panned mainly left and mainly right sounds awesome. Twe can choose from several dozen included IRs, or load in your own.

I’m more Metal Guy. Subscribe to Masters of Music. D50 is a video that I put together showing how the TSE X50 amp sim works and explaining the different tse x50. You can bypass each individual section, and you can save everything together as one single preset—and tse x50 preset manager works great for keeping everything organized and for sharing presets. Posted July 30, In the middle of my development I got in contact with Pavel Shevtsov, my current graphic designer, and I was struck by his talent right away.


BIAS – Use the bias control to set the operating-point that suits you most. I used to x05 1 instance of an amp sim in stereo mode tse x50 a bus, but I’ve recently stopped doing that and am using separate instances of the amp sim on each guitar track.

TSE X50: Left/Right guitar tracks.. AND stereo?

The first 3 sound so close, not any difference in the mix as far as I’m concerned. Please check my comparison here: Share This Page Tweet. But still sounds great.