Reverse Video FX video Editor 1. Its missing a slow and fast motion editing feature. Keep up the good work. Recent update is huge improvement Good. Vidtrim pro is the best android video editing app I’ve found. I tried all other apps on the play store this one beats them all. I don’t blame this app for this happening, as stated above, I know things can happen outside of anyone’s control and this is why I choose to backup anything and everything there is, including unfinished edits, alot easier to reload video to start as a new edit than not have a video at all.

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It now starts out as a play 1 second, and stop showing video for pdo 4 seconds while the audio keeps playing, type app. I have bought this app for a long time, and it gone from a video trimmer to a video editor.

VidTrim Pro – Video Editor – Android App APK – Unlimited Money Mod APK Download

I always backup my device media content and certain data in case of failure to restore to another device, despite having vidtrim pro 2.4.5 apk setting selected for restoring apps to different device in settings, sometimes there can be a glitch, especially if the device you purchased and installed apps from crashes, in the case of my Viftrim. I tried all other apps on the play store this one beats them all. If you need video editing,video trimming,video camera, VidTrim Pro – Video Editor APK is the best vidtrum tools,editing program,music videos,video effects,movie maker.


Recent update is huge improvement to trimming. This app is happiness Flawless.

Needs slow down and speed up video options. Well you probably don’t want to know what I use this app for. You are only as good as your usefulness. A really great video editor, trimmer, movie Maker.

I merged two videos and it ended up with the first one rotated 90 degrees in one direction and the second one rotated 90 degrees in the other direction.

It would be nice to have a more accurate way of setting vidtgim points. Developer answered my questions quickly. In short, I’ve used this app across multiple devices without any problem within the app itself, does what it aok in app discription and vidtrim pro 2.4.5 apk the price one certainly shouldn’t be disappointed.

Kind if glitchy on some video trim output files. I’ve got tons of short videos with either the first second cut out or an awkward second at the start. I’m very dissatisfied with this app. Amazing software, great interface, developer is super responsive, cares about customers.

I use this for promotions and it’s just about trash now. I cant vidttrim set it as Default anymore. Plzzz bring it back.


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Now it has been updated and improved and I am saddened by the fact that I cannot give it zpk seven Due to a further update I now want to viddtrim my star rating to 10 star rating now. The video will play some of the frames are being skip or something. The only reason Vidtrim pro 2.4.5 apk still given 4 stars is the developers haven’t abandoned the app, they still trying to fix the bugs. There’s no more time indicators to guide you.

Need to remove multiple sections of a single vid?

It’s probably OK but my first experience has not been vidtrim pro 2.4.5 apk. Some will play really fast for a few seconds in the beginning of video. Doesnt have the control I need. I have to search 4 the original to delete it 2 make room. Simple and good xpk what it does.

I will change my review to 5 stars whenever merging feature works for me. Fun 2.4. More Fun. So ends my relationship, for now. This app helps a lot in my paranormal investigations.