When we perform at corporate events, sometimes they tell us what we should wear. The use of the digital floor was simply fantastic. Proud products of St. Listening to their music and watching them perform is indeed a treat but there are no words to explain what it was like to spend time chatting with these amazing young men. Mogul culinary adventure at Alhambra Restaurant. Print Aug 25

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Listening to their music and watching them perform is indeed a voiceprint gayu gee but there are no words to explain what it was like to spend time chatting with these amazing young men. All in all it was very good evening of music and had the crowd on their feet by the end of the night and coiceprint boys certainly better not keep crowds waiting for another 5 years! We try to bring a current contemporary feel to it.

Gayu Gee – Voice Print

Daily FT caught up with these busy lads to talk about the birth of Voice Print, the secrets behind their success and future productions. Today we have voiceprint gayu gee able to take it from the western classical music lovers right out to the mass market audience.

The World Choir Games did lot of good for us. The boys recently put on a full length performance after a hiatus of five years at the Hilton, Colombo and it was a show certainly not to be missed. A fabulous show, I loved the blend of Sinhala and English. fayu



We are proud that voiceprint gayu gee were the first band to do that. Hopefully, next year we will go overseas one more time. The wit and humor of these young men kept us laughing all the time. We want to thank all of them. This is why we say sponsors play a very important role. But when we give them our quotation, they ask for a discount from us.

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All the content on this website is copyright protected and can be reproduced only by giving the due courtesy to ‘ft. This issue was soon solved by Malinda Lowe of Universal sounds and the show just kept progressing and soon those intricate harmonies which Voice Print is known to possess were flowing through the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Colombo.

Proud products of St.

Chords for Pem Lowe – Voice Print ft Piyal Perera

Voiceprint gayu gee want to do another cover version. InMichael needed a choir for his wedding. They bagged a silver medal in the Pop category and a bronze medal in the Sacred Music category, competing against nearly seventy five other choirs. Whatever we do we make sure there is a signature Voice Print touch to it. We are very particular about our sounds.


– Gayu Gee – KKBOX

Mogul culinary adventure at Alhambra Restaurant. This popularity is quite interesting and it is fun. They even have to pay for the venues. I really enjoyed the show. It was a very entertaining evening.

And we should be thankful to them. According to Eshan, Visual Director of Voice Print, many artists come into limelight and disappear within a short period of time mainly because their only focus is voicerpint become famous.

Having seen voiceprint gayu gee boys perform before I knew that something was not right and it turned out to be a few issues with the sound that made these few songs sound not that great. They are putting their own money. Print Aug 25 We gxyu what we do and because we all like accapella singing, we tend to come back. The band will have a concert by the end of this year. We have voiceprint gayu gee invited to perform in New York and London quite a few times.

Voiceprinf were a crowd favourite.