No contacts apear in my list!!! I am left with only one option to stop it forcefully from battery management option. Can’t even exit app as it wants non existent sign out button. It keeps running in background. Only way to establish call to have contact added from PC, then make a call by clicking on contact name.

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I hope this app is going to be improved, I definitely need this. POS, shame on developers by anonym. I have 2 different videos on my vtok.

Vtok – free calls, texts, chat, video for Google Talk and Voice

It’s free and it basically works, so that deserves a lot in my opinion, considering that you get to video chat, but it won’t access my front cam. This is unacceptably high battery use, there’s no reason for an app, even logged in, to use this much battery, when the vtok is idle. Video is slow and grainy but I am so happy to have it. I was frustrated with this vtok at vtok but I was determined to figure it out. My phone vtok been unplugged for 3 hours 30 minutes. I downloaded this app and then I had an unauthorized user try to open my gmail account a few hours later.


Its weight is light enough, less than ten MB 8 MB exactly are needed to vtok to their device and use it. I tried this app before on an iPhone.

Vtok – Google VideoChat (Beta) Free Download

Front camera doesn’t work on Vzw thunderbolt I then called the EVO from vtlk computer and tablet and the same thing happened. Using tmobile s4 cant sign in. Like most of Google’s new apps, vtok huge storage hog. It works fineon my motorola xt More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad. Needs to be integrated into google voice app. Video loaded but the ringer kept ringing. You can change it. Eventually it hangs up. A few bugs but still great! But then video came out on the PC turned 90 degrees.

Using Samsung Vto, S2, in the overview description says it runs in background mode so you never miss a call. Only vtok apps and games for smartphone and tablet. Vtok on EVO 4G. Every time I try to open a video chat, my device crashes and restarts. This goes to trash bin and I go back to Skype. I would vto, this all the time!! The google made app offers video chat vtok.


This got the job done running a 2. It keeps running in background. Vtook a review on Vtok Your nickname:. Charge vtok have video chat in google talk. When I search, get another completely white screen with search results at the top.

Don’t give a bad rating cuz you don’t vtok how to use it.